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Multi-family and
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Complete Design Services
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Fully Licensed and Bonded

Premier Commercial Landscape Management Since 1979

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Multi-family and Commercial Properties

Complete Design Services

Fully Licensed and Bonded

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Premier Commercial Landscape Management Since 1979

EarthWorks provides premier, full-service landscape management services for multi-family and commercial properties. By consistently delivering superior quality and service, EarthWorks has become one of the most respected commercial landscaping firms throughout Texas.

Our veteran landscape management staff is experienced in all facets of commercial landscape maintenance, from mowing and trimming to disease control and fertilization. EarthWorks ensures that your property is truly maintained, not
just mowed.

We have expertise in landscape design and installation including seasonal color, sodding, irrigation, drainage, ornamental, shrub and tree installation. We also have expertise with retaining walls, walkways, outdoor kitchens and other hardscapes.

Have confidence that your property’s landscaping will be expertly designed, installed and maintained when you choose Earthworks.


Commercial Landscape Services

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Drainage & Erosion Control

Foundation failures due to storms, water leaks, and erosion can lead to expensive repairs and a loss in property value. The good news is that proper prevention can be a lifesaver. Our services include erosion prevention and drainage control, and we help keep your property safe by implementing clear and effective prevention strategies.

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Xeriscaping & Hardscaping

Xeriscaping is a style of landscaping that requires little to no irrigation. It was originally used in desert areas, such as Colorado and New Mexico, to conserve water. However, as environmental concerns have spread and the price of water has increased, xeriscaping has become a popular choice for commercial properties looking to maintain design integrity while
cutting costs.

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Tree Service & Trimming

The trees on your property are possibly the most undervalued asset. Well-maintained trees open up your landscape while providing shade and dimension. Left on their own, trees can damage buildings and
clutter landscaping.
We are experienced in the skillful art of tree trimming to preserve the shape and long-term health of your
valuable trees.

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Fertilization, Weed & Pest Control

Persistent pests can be spotted springing up between cracks in the sidewalk, taking over flower beds, and pushing their way into beautifully manicured lawns.
With proper maintenance and proactive pest/disease control, your property can be colorful and healthy during the hottest months in Texas.

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Landscape Design & Irrigation

We specialize in sustainable landscape design and irrigation. With our help, you have the opportunity to enhance your property without compromising your budget due to elevated watering costs. Water smart, not more, with our modern irrigation techniques, and receive the help and guidance needed to create your dream landscape.

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Greenhouse/Growing Capabilities

Our greenhouses maximize the growing capabilities of each plant in our care, and we are proud to present a rare service among Texas landscapers. Our greenhouses guarantee the quality and health of the plants we supply our customers with.

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Beat the Heat: Tips for Staying Safe and Protecting Your Landscape

As temperatures soar in Dallas, Texas, the scorching sun poses serious health risks to you and your plants. Constant exposure to the sun can wilt your precious plants and put you at risk of a heat stroke.Read this comprehensive guide to keep yourself and your garden...

Looking for something new?

From playgrounds to dog parks, grilling areas to pickleball courts, if you can dream it, we can build it.


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