A 3rd Seasonal Color Change Can Make Your Property Pop

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During the winter when freeze events occur, it can be particularly challenging for plants, but it’s never too late to give them a new lease on life. If you’re looking to bring some spark and color into your garden and make it look vibrant again, why not invest in a third color change?

As we come to the end of winter, your landscape’s flowers and plants may seemingly look worse for wear. While we know the spring season to be a time of renewal and growth, some landscapes may require more than just the natural renewal of spring to bring them back to life. If your property’s beds and gardens have been hit hard by the recent harsh winter weather, and you’re looking to inject some new life to revive your outdoor spaces, a third color seasonal change may be necessary.  

What is a Third Color Change?

A third color changeout involves incorporating new plant varieties that help bridge the gap when the plants underperform between the standard color changes. It is common practice for commercial properties to plan two seasonal color changes in their landscaping per year. Usually, the first happens in summer, and the second takes place in winter to switch to plants better suited to withstand summer’s scorching heat and winter’s freezing cold. 

Unfortunately, many property owners face the challenge of maintaining a vibrant and thriving landscape throughout the year, even with the two seasonal color changes. A third color change can provide a fresh splash of color between the seasons to brighten up your commercial landscape.

Prepare for an Exciting Color Transformation with a Third Color Change Out

exciting color transformationLet’s face it. Texas winter weather can be incredibly erratic. Many landscapes and gardens in the greater Dallas area have been left looking drab and lifeless following the recent winter freeze. Given there is a high likelihood that this trend will continue in the foreseeable future, a third color change out offers an opportunity to refresh and revitalize a landscape that may have suffered significant damage during the freeze events. 

Usually, as part of the winter color change, our team introduces hardy plant varieties that are likely to make it through less-friendly conditions. These include dianthus, pansies, ornamental cabbage plants, and kale. However, with the unpredictable winter weather -often characterized by shifting temperatures and extreme weather events, most plants are drying out, causing the seasonal color to fade. 

For our third color change out, our experienced landscapers install petunias, begonias, and impatiens to replace the drying and wilting plants and further enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your landscaping. Our representative will assess damage in your plants and help you determine the best seasonal options to keep your floral displays looking their best. 

Don’t Wait. Budget for Your Third Color Change Out

If your goal is to keep your property fresh and colorful all year round, consider budgeting for your third color change out. You want to avoid last-minute scrambling for resources when your plants are already hit the hardest by fluctuating temperatures, as has become increasingly common in recent years. While it may seem like an added expense, it’s a wise investment that will pay off in the long run.

Let us help you add supplemental color to your property as the weather warms up. Our talented landscape specialists will create a plan tailored to your requirements and budget to help keep your garden fresh and vibrant throughout the year.

Achieve Season-Long Color in Your Landscape

You don’t have to stay stuck with faded blooms. EarthWorks is your premier partner in seasonal planting installations that keep your grounds and gardens fresh and exciting. From landscape design ideas to property care and ongoing maintenance of your outdoor space, we have the experience and professionalism to meet your landscaping needs. Take advantage of our seasonal selections today and elevate your yard with color and vibrancy. We invite you to contact us and learn more.


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