A Little Lighting Goes A Long Way

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There are many aesthetic and practical reasons to illuminate your property with landscape lighting. From enhancing curb appeal and safety to maintaining an inviting, welcoming atmosphere after hours, shining a light on one of your biggest investments is totally worth it. 

Accentuate Your Landscape With Lighting

So much goes into creating a fantastic landscape for your commercial property. With the many unique features and endless beauty of your yard space, you want to ensure all that effort is properly shown off. Landscape lighting is a great way to illuminate your landscape designs and create functional outdoor spaces at night.

At EarthWorks, we’re proud to deliver reliable, innovative, and eye-catching outdoor and landscape lighting systems for your Texas property. We partner with leading manufacturers to provide top-quality products and lighting designs that transform your outdoor space into an inviting and relaxing haven. Enhance your nighttime lighting experience today with professional landscape lighting.

Reasons to Add Landscape Lighting for Your Commercial Property

Elevated Aesthetic

elevated aestheticAdding landscape lighting is an ideal way to highlight striking design elements of your property. After spending tons of money on designing and maintaining a beautiful property, it would be a waste not to illuminate it at night for people to see the best features of your exterior. Outdoor lighting highlights your landscaping decor, including architectural features, outdoor kitchens, gaming areas, trees, water features, pergolas, etc.

The modern-day landscape lighting is a far cry from the older generation single house-mounted spotlight that annoyingly blinds people with its harsh beam. You can choose from various landscape lighting fixtures with innovative lighting control technologies that allow you to create the perfect mood. So, the next time you want to add a little drama or highlight specific architectural features, using well-planned and positioned uplights can significantly enhance aesthetics and preserve the relaxing nature of your landscape.

Create Friendly, Functional Outdoor Spaces

One of the most incredible benefits of landscape lighting is the ability to make your space livable all day. The use of your lawn spaces should not end when the sun comes down. Adding flashlights positioned at angles can brighten large portions of your yard so you can comfortably host parties or spend time outside your property late into the night. Spotlights are also perfect for casting a narrower beam around specific areas of your landscape.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Dark spaces invite injuries and theft. Adequate lighting for your landscaped walkways and pathways helps people navigate your outdoor space safely without worrying about tripping and falling hazards. The worst scenario would be to have someone take a nasty tumble in your yard and later sue you for damages. Consider adding lighting in high-traffic areas such as walkways, driveways, steps, patios, and decks to enhance the overall accessibility of your yard space at night.

Landscape lighting also plays an essential role in adding security and deterring crime on your property. A well-lit outdoor space will make people feel safer at night and can help prevent intruders from breaking in unnoticed. Motion-sensing and flood lights are particularly useful in illuminating the darkest areas of the yard.

Enhanced Property Value

Using the right combination of fixtures and lighting techniques to illuminate your landscape will increase curb appeal and ultimately enhance the property’s perceived value. Even more desirable is incorporating energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions that deliver cost and energy savings. Indeed, no one can deny that strategically placed lighting takes your yard to the next level and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who soaks up the view.

Let Us Light Up Your Landscape

We have a landscape lighting solution for every need. Essentially, our lighting installation experts are familiar with the latest lighting techniques and will guide you in choosing the right fixtures and implementing the ideal layout to bring your landscape lighting ideas to reality. Contact us today for the best in design, build, and maintenance landscape lighting solutions in Texas.


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