Alara Uptown Dallas New Dog Park Creates a Sense of Community Among Residents and Their Pets

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There is a reason why the Alara Uptown gets 5-star reviews from its residents. The upscale apartment community in Dallas not only includes top-of-the-line enhancements to its apartment units but upscale community amenities like entertainment lounge, shimmering pool with waterfall, and outdoor gardens. Adding courtyard lounges with pool tables, fire pit, and BBQ grills may confuse people as to whether they are at home or a resort. 

One thing, however, that makes residents feel at home is their pets. One survey found that over 70% of apartment renters own pets, many of them dogs. So, when the Alara Uptown team approached EarthWorks to create an updated dog park for them, the EW team jumped to the challenge. 

“We have always been a pet-friendly complex. Dog parks help create a sense of community among residents. It gives people a place to socialize and catch up, which can go a long way towards making them feel at home.” said Kelly Bardeau, Community Manager, Alara Uptown. “Our previous park did not meet the standards that we wanted to give our residents.” 

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The new park required a total excavation of the existing one, removing messy decomposed granite and old play equipment. With the client personally involved in design and equipment, the new layout was to be based on other leading communities.

“We looked for best in class with both the pet and owner in mind. The area started with a base of weather and temperature resistant artificial turf placed over a gravel base”, said Kevin Narveson, project lead for EarthWorks. “We then added fencing and locks surrounding the area for safety. The main area includes both a leashing and unleashing area, a dog watering and washing station for the hot Texas summer days, fun new gear for active dogs, a potty station with bags and trash cans, and benches for owners. Everything a dog, and their owners, could ask for”.

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“EarthWorks was a great partner throughout the excavation and construction. We love the new area, so do our residents and their dogs”, added Bardeau, “EarthWorks provided low-stress experience and delivered on time and on-budget.” 

For more information or questions on how to make a unique experience for your residents and their pets, Contact EarthWorks. 

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