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At Earthworks, we are committed to making your property’s landscaping look its best. We realized that a property’s physical appearance is vital to both potential residents and current residents alike.

A well-maintained property is the result of attention to key details, one of which is safety audits. There is much that happens behind the scenes to ensure our teams and your residents are as safe as possible when we are on a property. Here are four key strategies we use to make safety a top priority.

In-House Safety Department

We initially outsourced our safety department, but a little over a year ago we opted to bring it back in-house. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We’ve been able to tailor our safety strategies not only to the landscaping industry, but to our company. Personalizing our protocols has resulted in fewer incidents, improved communication, and higher employee and client satisfaction.

We’ve also seen a significant improvement in our safety audit results. Since bringing the safety department back in-house, we have dropped three percent in insurance points, which means increased savings for everyone.


Fleetmatics is a service that provides us with safety operations information on our trucks and crews. For example, we are able to track each vehicle and ensure that our crews are obeying speed limits and driving safely to prevent accidents. By tracking our trucks and crews, we know where they are at all times. Higher accountability not only protects properties and drivers on the road, it protects our crews as well.

Crew Safety Standards

The landscaping industry has a minimum safety standard that must be met. At Earthworks, we choose to go above and beyond this standard because we understand that our crews are part of your property’s image. Whether a prospective resident is touring the property while we are on site, or a longtime resident is walking their pet while our crew is working, we want to provide the best possible image for everyone who sees us.

Our crew members are required to wear safety gear when working, including safety vests with our company’s name and logo. We also provide some of the best trucks and best equipment in the business – we find that investing in higher quality service equipment helps keep our crews safer and our equipment lasts longer. We ensure that our trucks are clearly marked with our company name, and that they are properly sectioned off with two cones while we are on a property. Last, we have safety guards and storage protocols for every piece of equipment, including the gasoline we use to power that equipment. By investing our time and money into higher safety requirements on the back end, we reduce the risk of injury, save time and money, and provide a professional experience everywhere we go.

Job Site Safety Audits

While Fleetmatics provides us with significant data, nothing replaces the human element of our work. This is why we conduct a job site audit for every property we serve. We’ll walk the property to observe any landscaping needs, and we’ll advise regarding concerns such as holes, excess steepness, or drainage issues. While this does take time, we find that it ultimately helps our properties and our crews to be safer, and it prevents more expensive or time consuming damages down the road.

When working with a landscape company, don’t assume that they have proper safety protocols in place. Start by asking if your landscaper has a safety personnel on site. Also ask about their safety protocols for crews and trucks. Your landscaper should be able to provide you with all this information up front.

At Earthworks, we go above and beyond when it comes to safety audits. Why? Because we care about our crews, our customers, and the properties we serve. Going the extra mile is simply what we do – because it’s the right thing to do.


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