Looking for Commercial Landscapers in Garland, TX ?

Finding commercial landscapers in Garland, TX, can sometimes be a hassle, and most business owners don’t want to worry about their landscape on top of the other things on their plates. The good news is that EarthWorks has you covered for your landscaping needs.

We have been providing commercial landscaping services for Dallas businesses and properties for over 40 years. We can meet all your needs, regardless of lawn size. Whether you need your lawn maintained or you need a landscaping project designed for a large commercial complex, our end goal is the same- a satisfied customer.

EarthWorks is a full-service commercial landscaping company that was established in 1979. We combine eco-friendly techniques and tools to provide quality landscaping services to our clients in Garland.

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    What Makes Us Unique

    EarthWorks has the resources to perform timely installations throughout Garland, even during peak seasons. We can prepare multiple sites for inspection by clients and investors on short notice.

    What sets us apart from our competitors is our care for the environment. We recycle organic waste and use non-toxic chemicals to maintain our clients’ lawns. We utilize plastic bags made from recycled material. All our employees are dedicated to making your landscape beautiful.

    Unlike many other commercial landscapers in Garland, TX, we grow our plants in various greenhouses all over Texas. This guarantees the quality of our plants and allows us to have a constant supply of plants when other landscapers don’t.

    Licensing, Insurance, and Certifications

    EarthWorks complies with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) by hiring licensed irrigators and irrigation technicians. With us, you know your lawn is in good hands.

    Many of our employees are certified in various subjects relevant to landscaping. Some of these certifications include:

    We are approved through Compliance Depot. Our company carries various types of insurance, including workers’ compensation and general liability insurance, amongst other types.

    Our Services

    Whatever your vision for your lawn is, we will bring it to life. Our landscapers work within your budget to create a beautiful property. Some of the services we offer include:

    commercial landscaping service in dallas, tx

    Landscaping Maintenance

    We believe your landscape should always be in excellent condition. We offer recurrent maintenance services to keep your property always looking its best. Weeds grow, leaves fall, and soil composition changes. Due to these constant changes, we offer landscape maintenance solutions to keep the plants in good condition and the lawn looking fresh.

    landscape installation

    Landscape Installation

    A landscape is ultimately only as good as the installation. We are a landscape company that cares about our clients. We understand that a beautiful landscape can attract clients for you, and we understand that many companies out there don’t get it right. Trust us; the result will be even better than you could imagine.


    Landscape irrigation

    Without water, a landscape cannot thrive. Lack of proper irrigation could prevent flowers and plants from reaching their full potential. You can count on our irrigation solutions. We have licensed irrigators and irrigation technicians who come to your lawn, analyze your water needs and create an irrigation system that conserves water while meeting all your landscaping needs.

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    Landscape consulting services

    We provide a wide range of landscape consulting services from concept to design. We love solving commercial landscaping issues and do due diligence consulting on new property purchases to ensure there are no nasty surprises.

    tree installation

    Tree installation and servicing

    Trees can complete a landscape. They have many benefits, from providing privacy to enhancing the aesthetic of a commercial property. We have certified arborists who offer tree care services like pruning, installation, pest control, root management, etc. Rest assured, your trees will last for years to come with us.

    Locations We Serve

    While we are based in Alvarado, TX, we serve areas beyond our headquarters, such as;

    Contact Us Today

    Are you looking for commercial landscapers in Garland, TX, that put their customers first? EarthWorks serves business and commercial clients in Garland and always puts its customers first. We can provide you with a free estimate for the services you require. Contact us today in Garland by calling 817-477-3910 or emailing us at sales@earth.works or service@earth.works.


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