Commercial Xeriscape Landscaping Services in Dallas, TX

Commercial property owners and managers in Dallas are often looking for ways to keep their landscape looking vibrant and appealing, but it can take a lot of water to keep landscaping lush, green, and healthy, especially in the hot summer months. For those desiring a landscape design with lower water and maintenance demands, xeriscaping is an environmentally friendly alternative to standard garden design. We offer a full range of top-quality commercial xeriscaping for the Dallas metroplex.

What Exactly is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is a form of landscaping that uses native and adaptive plants, rocks, and other ground covers to create beautiful landscapes that help reduce the need for heavy irrigation. With increasing local water restrictions and persisting drought seasons in many parts of Texas, xeriscaping is becoming more widespread.

Instead of having turf and ground cover areas around apartment communities and commercial buildings, it is more efficient and sustainable to incorporate indigenous plant materials to ensure low water usage.

While you may be picturing cacti, rocks, and delightful desert-themed landscapes, that is not the case. Xeriscaping has plenty of options and greatly varies depending on the climate and topography of a region. A good landscaper can integrate traditional green scaping and xeriscaping elements to create a complete look.

Other hallmarks of xeriscaping include;

  • Optimal use of mulch
  • Rich, organic compost
  • Efficient irrigation practices
  • Sloped terraces to discourage water runoff

The experienced landscaping experts at EarthWorks offer a proven portfolio and experience in xeriscaping to enhance the natural landscape of your property. We service commercial properties across Texas and are known for our creative and innovative solutions that make the most out of natural resources.

commercial xeriscape landscaping services in dallas, tx

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    Our Qualifications

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    Pests on your property can be a hassle, which is why we hold multiple Texas Department of Agriculture pest control certifications to handle any degree of infestation. We also comply with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and employ licensed irrigators and irrigation technicians.

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    Many of our team members are specialized in areas our clients are interested in. Some of the common certifications carried include:

    • Water conservation
    • Backflow testing
    • Turf grass management
    • Arboriculture


    Insured & Bonded

    You can rest assured that every job we perform is fully insured as we carry complete insurance coverage for any situation, including:

    • General liability insurance
    • Workers’ compensation
    • Automobile insurance
    • Umbrella insurance

    EarthWorks is also an approved as a vendor through Compliance Depot.

    Benefits of Xeriscaping on Your Commercial Property

    Xeriscaping offers a myriad of aesthetic, environmental, and economic benefits. These include;

    01 water conservation 1

    Water Conservation

    Landscape water use for commercial properties can be pretty high. Xeriscaping is a sustainable landscape design that uses up to two-thirds less water than traditional landscaping.

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    Drought-resistant plants

    The method emphasizes the use of drought-tolerant plants that can withstand climate change. These drought-resistant plants can still provide green foliage and colorful blooms.

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    Lowers costs

    By saving water, you also save money on the monthly utility bill. Less pruning, cutting, tending, mowing, and fertilizing keep xeriscaping maintenance costs much less when compared to standard landscaping of the same square footage.

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    Requires less maintenance

    Typically, xeriscaped yards require less work overall, so less time will be spent maintaining your beautiful landscape.

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    Improve the overall look of your community

    A xeriscape landscape filled with flowers, butterflies, and beautiful stones is just as appealing as traditional landscaping. Further, your community will appreciate you for doing your part to conserve shared resources.

    Locations We Serve

    While we are based in Alvarado, TX, we serve areas beyond our headquarters, such as;

    Common Plants for Use in Xeriscaping

    Xeriscaping is about choosing plants, turf, and trees that are ideal for the environment or the weather conditions in that area. We know what plants and rock formations work best to make your Texas landscapes sustainable and appealing. Most of our xeriscape designs will highlight native Texas plants like the Yucca, which can thrive from season to season with minimal care. There are several varieties of this drought-tolerant plant, all of which do well in the Texas climate.

    For drought-tolerant ground cover, buffalo grass and Bermuda grass are excellent choices. Beyond low water use plants, other varieties such as bald cypress can be chosen to add shade to sunny areas. The key to an interesting xeriscape landscape combines Texas natives with well-adapted exotic plants.

    Interested in Commercial Xeriscaping in Dallas, TX?

    The skilled team at EarthWorks can evaluate your property, discuss your needs, and formulate a plan that fits your property and budget. Let us help you create eye-catching gardens that flourish without too much upkeep on your part.


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