Dealing with Dallisgrass


Springtime brings a host of colorful flowers, green grasses, and blossoming trees… and weeds. These persistent pests can be spotted springing up between cracks in the sidewalk, taking over flower beds, and pushing their way into beautifully manicured lawns.

The most stubborn weed we see in commercial landscaping is, without a doubt, dallisgrass. This tough, fast growing weed was introduced from Europe as a grazing grass for cattle and quickly invaded lawns across the southernmost states. Dallisgrass is known for staging a hostile takeover –  it grows up to ten times faster than regular turf grass, causing unsightly patches between mowings.

Fall Maintenance Prevents Spring Woes

When it comes to treating dallisgrass, the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is spot on. Once this stubborn weed takes root, it’s hard to treat it without significantly affecting the look of your lawn.

The best treatment is to prevent the weed from growing in the first place.

Pre-emergent herbicides, delivered in the fall, target the weed without wreaking havoc on the rest of your lawn. When spring arrives, your healthy grass will grow but the weeds will have long since died off. It’s a safe and effective alternative to the highly toxic treatments of years past. Our clients find preventative maintenance is well worth the investment, as it prevents unsightly weeds and costly treatments down the road.

High-Tech Treatments Kill Weeds and Save Lawns

Let’s do a quick biology class recap. Plants need water, food, sun, and air to survive. They get their food through photosynthesis, which is the process of converting air & sun into food as an energy source.

What does this have to do with treating weeds? Everything. Until recently, there have been only two primary options: spray dallisgrass with a broad-spectrum weed killer such as Roundup, which also kills the grass around it; or dig it out of the ground, leaving unsightly holes and potentially spreading even more dallisgrass seeds in the process. Both of these methods leave your lawn looking less than stellar until holes are filled in or the surrounding grass revives.

The latest technology solves that issue by using a targeted treatment that interrupts photosynthesis. The treatment, a product called Tribute Total, works from the inside out, so the weed looks normal – until it suddenly falls over dead a couple weeks after being sprayed. The best part? Some studies indicate these newer treatments have less toxicity than table salt!

While this treatment option is not currently available as part of our packaged maintenance plans, we do offer it as an add-on service if you’re in a losing battle with dallisgrass or other stubborn weeds. Contact your representative for pricing and additional information.

With proper planning and maintenance, you can have a beautiful lawn and peace of mind. Reach out to one of our lawn care experts today to learn more about our preventative maintenance options, or to schedule a lawn care analysis.


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