Landscape Drainage and Erosion Control Services in Texas

landscape drainage services in texas Flooding and acute foundation failures could cause irreversible damage to your property and lead to sky-high costs for you as a property owner or manager. It can also be prevented with proper precautions. EarthWorks offers several services for drainage and erosion control. We provide tailored action plans depending on whether you want to prevent damage or are in the middle of an emergency.

Big storms and general neglect are only two common causes of erosion and flooding. While prevention is always your best defense, we have a team of certified experts standing by to assist you in restoration and drainage.

Custom Services

There is a fine line between overwatering and underwatering; providing your plants with too much water can lead to erosion. The same could happen in the blink of an eye if you were to be hit with a storm or flooding, and to protect your property, you need to have a protocol in place. EarthWorks is committed to providing the best drainage and erosion control services in Texas, and we do this by adding only top experts to our dedicated team.

Protecting your landscaping against erosion starts with EarthWorks. Have us come out and evaluate the damage or potential risks so that we can create a customized plan of action to keep your residents, clients and property safe.

Here are some of the ways we can help protect your property.

Hardscape Designs

Hardscape designs allow us to help you create aesthetic outdoor areas without grass and plants that don’t require watering and irrigation. Hardscape designs also retain minimal amounts of water.

Streambed Stabilization

If you have flowing water on your property, any work in or around the streambed must be carried out with care, as the contrary could lead to long-term erosion problems. EarthWorks specializes in this practice and can review any previous work performed on your property to prevent future damage.

French Drain Systems

Installing a french drain system can save your property from erosion by leading water away from the surface and any built structure. French drain systems are unlike typical drain systems as they collect water over the entire length of the drain as opposed to one area. Using the force of gravity, this drain type helps to guide water along a smooth path towards the discharge point.

Catch Basins

Another landscaping rain solution is to install catch basins. These work to collect and drain water that would otherwise accumulate in a specific area.

Downspout Drainage

By installing downspout drainage, the water spilling out of your gutters can be led away from your property foundation and safely disposed of. This allows you to redirect rainwater to an area where it can come to better use.

Bio-Retention Ponds

Designed to slow down rain, storm, and flood water, bio-retention ponds and systems can be key to removing excess water efficiently.

Dry Creek Beds

A dry creek bed is a trench (or gully) that can be installed in your landscape that is lined with rocks and edged with plants to mimic a natural riparian area (where the land meets the water). You may decide to implement dry stream beds for drainage, thus preventing erosion by reducing runoff. On the other hand, you may simply like the way it looks.Dry creek beds are excellent for effortless water drainage while adding value to your property. Some choose to install these for visual value alone—a simple solution that can successfully prevent erosion.

Custom Drainage Designs

No two landscape areas are the same, which is we provide custom design solutions to solve any drain issues you may have. We are dedicated to finding solutions that blend into your landscaping design while providing sufficient water drainage and erosion prevention.

How Erosion Control Benefits Your Property

  • Increased Quality Control
  • dots
  • Minimized Water Consumption
  • dots
  • Improved Landscaping Maintenance


We have a team of experienced landscape designers, arborists with SA certification, irrigation technicians, and TCEQ-licensed irrigators. We work with you to design, execute and maintain your property’s outdoor areas. EarthWorks is also Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulation compliant.

Our Drainage and Erosion Control Experts

Two drainage and erosion control experts form part of our staff at EarthWorks.

heriberto ramirez

Heriberto Ramirez

  • 41+ years experience in the green industry
  • 20+ years experience as a landscape designer
  • The first non-owner employee of EarthWorks

todd sankey

Todd Sankey

  • 17+ Years of experience in the green industry
  • Specializes in new and enhanced landscape design and installation
  • Licensed Irrigator # LI0018477

An Ounce of Prevenation Goes a Long Way

Erosion isn’t always noticeable, and it could be too late by the time it’s brought to your attention. The EarthWorks team can help you in the case of an emergency, but the best thing you can do to protect your property is to put preventive measures in place. Contact us today for a free landscape consultation where we will help you find an ideal solution.

About EarthWorks

As a well-respected landscaping firm in Texas, EarthWorks is a company with an impressive reputation. The firm has provided top-quality services to customers since 1979, intending to provide a customized experience with results that meet your expectations and exceed them. To us, every customer matters, and we care about your property just as much as you do.

EarthWorks finds its motivation in smart landscaping design that adds value to your property in terms of financials and functionality while also
falling within your budget.

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EarthWorks calls the Dallas-Fort Worth area home and has been serving the surround region since the late 1970s. Since that time, we have been expanding our service areas to beautify and improve the health of even more Texas properties. Give us a call or email us to learn more about what we offer and how we can meet your company’s landscaping needs.

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