EarthWorks Brightens Up Texas Landscapes with Seasonal Color

a close-up of blades of grass with a single orange leaf lying on topWith fall just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about seasonal color to provide an attractive environment for your commercial property that conveys prosperity. When people see a well-designed landscaping arrangement, it can elicit an emotional response that could prompt them to do business with you. While the EarthWorks team loves taking on the hard work to create an aesthetic our customers can be proud to display, not many know what goes into the process before breaking ground.

What is Seasonal Color?

Our professional landscaping team provides a unique service—we grow and provide our commercial customers with customized seasonal blooms (in various colors) that keep their landscapes looking pristine for most of the year. We spend time and effort selecting different flowers based on what thrives for a long time. This is one of our driving factors, as we aim to provide the best in color, longevity, and price.

As experts in the commercial landscape industry, the EarthWorks team knows what to look for when selecting the seasonal colors we use in commercial landscapes. One of the challenges in finding seasonal color is assuring the flowers bloom for up to 20 weeks, limiting our options. However, we’ve pioneered processes that have allowed us to cut costs while providing nutrient-rich products that last.

Our Selection and Growing Process

The EarthWords team understands effective color selection is an established principle in getting the most out of a commercial property’s performance and value. As we gear up for our annual choice of seasonal color at Earth Works, several factors go into choosing and utilizing the best blooms for your commercial landscape.

Timing is everything
Timing is everything when it comes to flower selection and planting. Many growers will display varieties of flowers in the spring and summer (giving the impression that it’s time to start planting), but this is misleading. It’s never a good idea to plant your flowers too early in the season because fluctuations in both daytime and nighttime temperatures could damage the plant while it’s young. This could prove detrimental to the plant’s growth for the entire year or even the rest of its lifecycle. To combat planting at the incorrect time, the EarthWorks team:

  • Purchases plugs (not fully bloomed flowers)
  • Considers the customer’s timeline
  • Determines the particular flower’s optimum blooming schedule
  • Looks at seasonal weather conditions

Fertilizing for success
Consumers are apt to purchase with their eyes, i.e., when they see something that attracts them, they usually buy it. Many retailers tend to use fertilizer to grow plants and flowers at an artificially high rate by using massive nitrogen and potassium doses to make flowers bloom faster, so people will purchase sooner. The problem with this type of fertilization is it speeds up the seasonal color growth, so the flowers may not have the most substantial root structure to support a long life. The EarthWorks professionals use the optimal fertilizers to help our seasonal colors grow to be the healthiest for a longer period, instead of for aesthetics. Fertilizing for root development will always yield a more robust and healthier product to provide our customers.

Fortifying with micronutrients
The EarthWorks team always implement innovative ways to grow and maintain our plant life because we know our customers are looking for the most attractive flowers that will remain that way for at least 20 weeks or more. To do this, we use micronutrients such as magnesium, sulfur, lithium, boron, zinc, copper, and phosphorus to nurture our seasonal colors. Thus, we can grow blooms with the following benefits:

  • Disease resistant
  • Stronger cell walls
  • Better photosynthesis

Growing beyond the season
While other growers are producing blooms for resale and stop growing after the season ends, the EarthWorks team grows an oversupply of colors beyond the season, which allows us to leverage costs and reabsorb those expenses back into our products. This oversupply is crucial because it enables us to anticipate underperforming crops in our greenhouse and offer free fillings for our commercial customers’ beds. Thus, providing more beautiful and healthier blooms past the growing season.

Choose EarthWorks for Your Seasonal Colors

With the expertise and knowledge to perform any landscaping job, EarthWorks is your trusted professional for all your landscaping needs. Contact us today to find out how we can support your seasonal color selection and installation.


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