Cortland Canyon Creek – A Landscaping Case Study on Resort-Style Living

cortland canyon creek before bark parkJust outside of Dallas in Richardson, Texas, Cortland Canyon Creek has the look and feel of a world-class resort with a long list of luxury in-unit and community amenities. Among its popular amenities are an infinity pool with a sundeck, lounge, cabanas, and fire pit, a 24/7 fitness center with free fitness classes, a resident clubhouse with HDTVs, game tables, kitchen, and business center, and a leash-free bark park.

Cortland Canyon Creek strives to give its residents the most enjoyable experience possible regardless of their interests and lifestyle. In order to look like a luxurious resort, the complex needs to look meticulous. This includes the landscaping.

earthworks canyon creek dog park afterPrior to working with EarthWorks, Cortland Canyon Creek had grass in yards, common areas, and in the bark park. They found out it is hard to properly care for grass. It required constant watering, and even then, unsightly brown and bare spots appeared. It was difficult to keep the grass cut and free of weeds. Grass maintenance was also expensive factoring water usage, paying landscapers to mow and trim, and the cost of fertilizing and pest control. When it rained or after watering, the grass became a wet, muddy mess. The grass was especially problematic in the bark park where the frequent use and abuse tore up some of the grass, leaving unsightly bare dirt. After repetitively re-soding the grass areas, Cortland Canyon Creek decided to replace the grass with synthetic grass.

The EarthWorks team installed the synthetic turf on time and on budget and in “a professional way.” Cortland Canyon Creek was excited that “the project turned out beautifully” and that the community “looks much better.” Kevin Narveson, EarthWorks’ project lead said “I am pleased with the outcome of this project. You don’t realize how such a small improvement can transform a place.”

earthworks canyon creek yard before


cortland canyon creek after backyard


With the installation of artificial turf, we gave Cortland Canyon Creek the upgrade it needed to match the resort-style amenities and luxurious atmosphere is residents expected. Besides giving the community a much-needed facelift, the synthetic turf requires little to no maintenance, is safe and sanitary, reduces pest and weed problems, and eliminates water usage.

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