EarthWorks Gives Back to Community Center with Cost Effective Landscape Design

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Before transformation – a bit of an eyesore and difficult to maintain

Redeemed Women is a non-profit in South Dallas that helps women in need. Most of these women are victims of abuse or have experienced teen pregnancy, poor education, and other challenges associated with generational poverty. Redeemed Women offers support through transportation assistance, life skills training, weekly small group meetings, and home care and personal items free of charge. Like all non-profits, Redeemed Women relies heavily on donation and volunteer support to fund their work.

While the services they offer beautify the community, their landscaping was less than desirable. There were bare spots in the grass and property management was locked in an ongoing battle with weeds. With the majority of their budget focused on providing vital community services, the organization needed a low-cost solution that would simplify their landscaping yet provide aesthetic appeal.

a maintenance free rockscape

After transformation: a maintenance-free rockscape!

Redeemed Women reached out to EarthWorks for help. After assessing their current landscape, our experts devised a no-maintenance plan known as rockscaping. By using a variety of rock aggregates we were able to provide color and depth contrast without the ongoing maintenance of planters. This design requires no water, no weeding, and no lawn care. Best of all, we were able to do this project at no cost to Redeemed Women. Our rock supplier donated the supplies and we provided the design and services for free.

untitled 4Now, when women in the community come to Redeemed Women for help, they see not only a lovely landscape, but a physical symbol of the long-standing foundation and support provided by this community organization. We are proud to be able to serve the South Dallas community in this way.


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