EarthWorks Tackles Storm-Damaged Landscapes at The Crest at Park Central

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The Crest at Park Central apartment community is where residents feel at home. One- and two-bedroom apartments complete with shared amenities make it a popular place to live in Dallas.

dog parkOne of the promises that Crest at Park Central makes is that residents will have access to ample community green space, an outdoor yoga courtyard, and a dog park for their furry friends. Unfortunately, recent storms and wear and tear made the outdoor space visually unattractive and difficult to use.

Freeze and erosion damage made it necessary for the property manager at Crest at Park Central to look into fixing the community’s landscaping.

“The plant beds were frozen, plants had died, and the entire area had a washed-out appearance. Erosion damage had also washed away large grass and dirt areas, which made the area look unappealing”, said Paul Carmella, EarthWorks Project Manager.

The once beautiful green grass of the yoga courtyard was washed out, causing the roots of large trees to stick out into the space, so that fewer people could set up their mats. The grass and sod of the dog park needed to be replanted or replaced with artificial turf, as much of it had been washed away or eroded over time. The  material of the turf also needed to be safe for animals,

main courtyard. trees to be removed and artificial turf installedThe damage to the courtyard, plants, and other landscaping areas was largely a result of storms, but dated designs and landscaping also created a concern. Our team at EarthWorks assessed the property and determined it would be best to replace plants, add granite and cobblestone, and update the look of the grounds. Due to the erosion of sod, the sod would also either need to be replaced or upgraded with artificial turf.

Putting Together a Plan for Improved Landscaping

After meeting with the property manager on-site, our team scheduled tree removals and material drop-off points throughout the property. There were also several areas in which stormwater drainage was necessary because of flooding and erosion. In those spaces, cobblestone and granite would be added to help prevent floodwaters and heavy rains from washing away the soil.

The full plan for the property includes the following steps:

  1. Renovate the planting beds
  2. Replace all freeze-damaged plants
  3. Add cobblestone and granite in erosion-prone areas
  4. Update the facility’s dog park
  5. Add artificial turf in large, open areas of the courtyard

Our team also chose plants that would be better suited to that environment, which would look better and stay healthier for longer.

The project is currently in process and on schedule to be completed with a full renovation.

Why Use Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf presents a unique opportunity to build a durable, attractive space in areas where sod or grass has been washed away due to storms or flooding. Artificial turf is affordable and lasts for years at a time. The color does not fade or discolor, which means that any upgraded space will look like new for longer.

In addition, artificial turf is easy to clean and maintains its texture and natural feel with simple cleaning techniques, like fluffing or brushing it. This makes it ideal for high-traffic areas and areas that are prone to flooding.

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