Employee Spotlight: Seasonal Workers

seasonal workers

This month, our spotlight falls on our team of stellar seasonal workers who work with us between May and November in various positions in the company. Every year, we draw help from a seasonal talent pool of workers with multiple skill sets, including maintenance, new plant material, irrigationchemical applicationtree services, and more.

Needless to say, our seasonal employees play a crucial role in our business’s success. They help us meet our growing customer demands, especially during busy seasons. With vast landscape and lawn care experience spanning between 4 to 25 years, our seasonal employees enjoy helping our clients get the space they deserve. We’re fortunate to have this team of standout workers who are a great addition to the EarthWorks Team. Throughout their time with us, they have consistently demonstrated exceptional work ethics and are well respected by co-workers and clients.

Leaving their families behind every year to work during our peak season is a significant sacrifice on their part but one they describe as a tremendous and delightful blessing. “It’s an incredible opportunity to come here and be able to provide a better future for our families.” Additionally, they appreciate our positive company culture, including our monthly engagement events, especially when we bring in street tacos! We ensure they are happy and have what they need to succeed at our company so that coming back is worth it.

Creating beautiful landscapes is personally and professionally fulfilling, and seeing the beautiful end result is very satisfying for them. When asked what they love most about working at EarthWorks, they said, “It is very gratifying to create new landscapes. Landscapes that people come back to see because it represents harmony. To know that you’ve created that, that you are part of creating that harmony and knowing people can perceive it and sense it as tranquility that relaxes them when they are taking a stroll or exercising.”  

When asked about the impact our team of seasonal workers has on our company, our President, Chris Lee, had this to say – “I can’t say enough about how blessed we are to have these guys as part of our team. They come in year after year and work diligently to help support our permanent US workers by keeping our client’s sites looking beautiful. There’s no way we could do what we do without them. Thank you all, and safe travels, amigos!”

Many of our seasonal workers enjoy playing soccer, cards and taking English classes outside of work. One of our seasonal workers has a particularly unique hobby: making alacranes (scorpions) with different kinds of wires which he generously gifts to his workmates in the office.

We’re beyond grateful to have such talented folks who are invested in the success of their role, team, and the EarthWorks family. We look forward to our time together next season!

If you would like to nominate an EarthWorks team member to be one of our employee spotlights in the future, send us a note and tell us about your experience with them.


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