Employee Spotlight: Tree Service Group

tree service group

EarthWorks tree care operation was started to fill an important customer need, an in-house tree crew that could provide ongoing routine tree maintenance services such as pruning, lifting, thinning, and structural clearance. The operation was also needed as a service for clients in an emergency situation without the delay of going through a third party.

The tree care operation service is invaluable in the multifamily industry when you have a storm and trees are blocking hundreds of residents from getting out of the parking lot or, heaven forbid, a tree laying on their vehicle or roof top. In addition to providing emergency services, the tree care service offers a full-service tree care operation that performs everything from minor corrective pruning to full-scale tree removals and stump grinding. We also provide tree fertilization and insect/disease control services.

We are lucky to have an incredibly experienced and hardworking team in the tree service. We have a total of 4 crews with a total of 12 staff members. Each of the 4crew leaders has a minimum of 8 years of experience. These crews work tirelessly to remove debris from the work we perform and haul it from the site daily to be disposed of. 

Check out some photos of our tree care service team hard at work at clients’ properties!

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