Looking for the Best Commercial Landscaping Services Company in Grand Prairie, TX?

commercial landscaping company in grand prairie txLandscaping presents a unique challenge in the Grand Prairie climate, where landscaping must be capable of surviving intense heat but also the occasional frigid winds of winter. While Texas is not usually seasonal, the changing climate patterns creates new challenges for property owners. That is why you need professional landscaping services in Grand Prairie that can transition to the needs of each property owner.

EarthWorks offers a full array of professional landscaping services, designed to meet the needs of organizations, businesses, and commercial property owners. Not only will attractive landscaping appeal to your customers and clients, but it will also improve the value of your property which is always a bonus. We proudly offer our clients landscaping design, maintenance plans, and installation.

Introducing Premier Landscaping Services from EarthWorks

EarthWorks has proudly delivered premier landscaping services since 1979. We are known for our fair pricing, expertise, and extreme experience. We appreciate the needs of our customers, and we deliver most quotes within 48 hours. We know that you don’t have time to wait around so we work hard to offer all of our customers the individual care they need. This same attention is reflected in the careful landscaping installations we plan and execute.

Why Choose EarthWorks?

EarthWorks goes above and beyond for all our customers, which is why we have landscaping clients we have worked with for decades. Here are just a few ways EarthWorks stands out from its competitors in the greater Grand Prairie, TX region.

We Minimize Chemical Use

No one likes to use chemicals if they can avoid it, but EarthWorks takes a proactive approach to chemical use by relying entirely on non-toxic chemicals for all landscaping services. We also make it a point to recycle all organic waste when possible. Our goal is to leave your property healthier than we initially found it. In addition, we assign a dedicated foreman to all clients to ensure that you have a point of contact you can easily reach.

We Grow Our Own Plants

Unlike many other landscaping company in Grand Prairie, TX, EarthWorks chooses to grow our plants. We own greenhouses throughout Texas and can assure our clients that their plants will grow in the Grand Prairie climate because we grew them here ourselves.

In addition, since we grow our plants, the current supply chain issues do not affect our landscaping firm. It also allows us to stand by the high quality of all our landscaping plants to guarantee every landscaping installation we do.

Licensed Pest Control Service

In addition to being a licensed landscaping service in Grand Prairie, TX, we are also licensed to provide pest control services to our customers. We have pest control certifications from the Texas Department of Agriculture and work hard to comply with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.


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    EarthWorks’ Landscaping Services in Grand Prairie, TX

    As the leader in commercial landscaping in the region, we are proud to offer a wide range of customized landscaping services, including:

    commercial landscaping service in dallas, tx

    Landscaping Maintenance



    drainage erosion control

    Drainage / Erosion Control

    landscape installation

    Landscape Installation

    retaining walls

    Retaining Walls



    tree installation

    Tree Installation

    Reach Out to EarthWorks

    If you need commercial landscaping services in Grand Prairie, TX, EarthWorks is a natural choice. We work with commercial customers throughout the Texas region. Contact us today for a free estimate to see how affordable our landscaping services can be for your company.


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