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EarthWorks recently launched a client portal to help make it easier for property managers and owners to process payments for landscaping services rendered. The portal is straightforward and user-friendly. It allows you to process all of your accounts payable in one easy-to-use program. This is especially helpful for those that manage multiple properties across a region or area. Whether you have weekly contracts, or ad hoc services from us, this portal will undoubtedly make payment processing a breeze!

Here’s a look at how the portal works;

  • Once set up, you will simply use the provided credentials to log in to the portal.
  • The main landing page (see below) shows you all your invoices. We have made it easy for you to view your invoices and their status by including a drop-down to filter them by “All Paid”, “Open”, “Paid in the last six months.”ea portal
  • To view or pay your invoices, you will click on the green ellipses button to the right of the dollar amount.viewing invoice
  • If you are responsible for multiple properties, there is a field on the main landing page where you will find a drop-down of your properties. Once inside each properties page, you can manage your password or set up payment methods, electronic ACH, and Credit Card. You are also able to sign up for electronic receipts.
  • The portal makes it easy to pay for weekly contracts out of one account while allowing you to pay for any landscape enhancements on a separate account for accounting purposes.

Our clients have commented how simple but effective the portal is to use and how it reduces the amount of work and effort involved to process payments. We are always thinking of ways to innovate and streamline our processes and plan to enhance the portal by enabling our clients to review and approve bids.

If you wish to take advantage of this time-saving tool, please reach out to your Account Manager or contact our main office to begin the setup process.


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