Irrigation and Water Conservation for Commercial Properties

photo by pixabayThere are approximately 6.8 million people in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and that number is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. This means natural resources like water will become even more scarce – and even more expensive

EarthWorks is committed to helping conserve resources and helping customers save money with advanced irrigation and water conservation practices. We’ve partnered with Weathermatic, the world’s leading supplier of irrigation controllers, to provide high-tech techniques that make conserving water a simple as a keystroke on a computer.

How it Works

Smart controllers are typically an upgrade to an existing sprinkler system. Think of the old method like an egg timer – you set it to run on certain days and times, and the system will come on regardless of the weather. This is why you see properties with sprinklers running in the middle of a thunderstorm. We’d estimate more plants die in North Texas from overwatering than from not enough water.

Smart controllers combine data from weather satellites and onsite data to determine when your lawn needs water, and how much water it needs. During setup, we set the controllers to schedule the days and times it should come on. From there, the system will monitor zone settings, slope, heat, wind, rainfall, humidity, and more to determine optimal watering needs for your lawn. The satellite reprograms the controller daily to only water what has been lost due to the 24-hour environmental analysis.

Immediate Savings

Smart controllers help with water conservation, but what our clients love most is the immediate savings they experience. On average, properties experience about a 30% reduction of outdoor water consumption simply by switching to a smart controller. Most properties recoup their initial investment almost immediately, and within a year they see significant budget savings, ultimately leading to a higher net profit for their property.

While saving money is the biggest immediate benefit, our clients also love the time savings. Using smart controllers means fewer visits to your property, freeing property managers up to focus on higher-level tasks and reducing the

Low-Cost Install

As a Weathermatic Premier Partner, we have access to products and services services at special rates that make it more cost efficient for our customers. Smart controllers can be installed, programmed and set up for as little as $79/month for 3 years, with no upfront expense. And many of our clients find the initial investment recoups itself almost immediately, which means the system ultimately costs them nothing.

If you’re interested in learning how our smart controller system can help you save on water costs, contact us today for an estimate. And if you’re an active maintenance client, there may be ways we can provide it at no cost to you, so reach out to your account manager today.

Together we can make little changes that will help Texas preserve its precious natural resources – and that’s a smart investment we can all get behind.


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