Irrigation Challenges Call for Creative Solutions at a Houston Residential Community

beautiful artificial plant in rich blue potCamden Vanderbilt apartments, located near the Texas Medical Center in Houston, feature luxury one and two-bedroom apartment homes. The community offers generous floor plans and upscale amenities including multiple pools, picnic areas, fitness center, clubhouse and community workspace, making it an ideal location for residents who need to work from home.

However, the beauty of the location was diminished by irrigation issues, which caused plants around the amenities to wilt and die quickly. With many residents working from home, visual aesthetics were vitally important to the property management group. They needed a solution that would keep amenity accents beautiful without making major changes to their irrigation setup.

After a thorough review, the EarthWorks team came up with a simple, cost-effective solution: high-quality artificial plants in areas that could not receive proper irrigation. EarthWorks worked with the customer to choose well-crafted, lifelike products. Unless one is inspecting them closely, they appear to be real plants.

“The appearance of the artificial plants exceeded my expectations and now the maintenance requirement is zero and future worries of taking care of the live plants are gone!” said Camden Regional Landscape Director Mike Binns. In fact, the solution worked so well that several sister communities have incorporated artificial plants in areas with irrigation challenges. Thanks to a creative approach, the property’s accent foliage is as beautiful as the surrounding amenities.

If your community faces irrigation or landscaping challenges, contact EarthWorks to discuss creative and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.


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