It’s Time to Prepare for Spring Planting

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You’ve probably noticed your property’s winter plantings are looking tired. While we still have at least a month until the official start of spring, Texas weather starts a (sometimes unpredictable) warming pattern in February. We’ve already seen drooping pansies and wilting ornamental cabbages and kale.

While some properties try to make their winter plantings last until May, they simply don’t fare well once the temperatures start to rise. It’s best to plan for a spring color change in early to mid-March to keep your landscape looking healthy and vibrant.

Spring Planting Keeps Your Landscape Healthier

Spring planting is a seamless one-day process. Our team will clear out your old plants, then till in a little compost before installing your spring plants. The new compost adds biodiversity to the plant beds and ensures your new plants have the food they love to maintain their vibrant colors for months to come.

Earthworks offers a variety of spring plants that bring a pop of color and texture to your property’s landscape. Our core plants are begonias, impatiens, and marigolds, and we have a wide array of accessory plants and ornamental grasses that can help carry your landscape into summer weather. We’ll evaluate your property to determine what works best with your flower beds and landscape design.

Call Now to Reserve Your Spring Planting

No matter what the groundhog says, now is the optimal time to budget and plan for your spring color change. Our flowers are already growing in the greenhouse, and they’ll be ready to install in just a few short weeks! Contact us today to get on the spring installation schedule.


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