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aatc lone star awards

Jacob Crockett, EarthWorks Business Development Manager, was a nominee for the AATC Supplier of the Year Award at the AATC Lone Star Awards Ceremony held at Fort Worth Convention Center on January 27th. Despite not winning the award, being nominated for this category was a tremendous honor. The fact that he was even considered for the award speaks volumes about his outstanding reputation and respect in the industry.

“Jacob’s nomination for the AATC Supplier of the Year Award is a testament to his hard work and dedication. His steadfast commitment to EW is nothing short of remarkable, and we couldn’t be prouder to call him one of our own,” said Chris Lee, President of EarthWorks Landscaping.

jacob crockettThe Lone Star Awards ceremony is a leadership celebration event held annually to recognize the industry’s best professionals and install new AATC leaders. Jacob was named Community Service Co-Chair to the AATC Board of Directors. 

Also nominated to serve as President of the AATC Board of Directors was Cayce Coon, a valued friend and client of EarthWorks. Cayce is the current VP of Operations at Madera Residential, a Texas-based property investment company specializing in multifamily apartment communities. We have great confidence in Cayce Coon’s leadership potential and believe she has the skills and experience necessary to propel AATC forward.

The ceremony carried a ’90s theme, and the attendees were encouraged to dress in their best outfits from that era. Fashion choices included overalls, bold prints, oversized t-shirts, fanny packs, backward caps, denim jackets and vibrant neon colors, all of which brought back fond memories of the decade. 

Besides the exciting outfits, the retro throwback tunes and the incorporation of 90s pop references into presentations all worked together to add to the nostalgic atmosphere. During breaks and networking sessions, attendees had the opportunity to mingle and take photos. Many thanks to the event organizers for going above and beyond to make the conference enjoyable and memorable for everyone. 

We sincerely congratulate all winners, nominees and the incoming leadership. To the entire AATC leadership, we wish you all the best in your new roles!


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