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Earthworks is always active in the communities of commercial landscapers and commercial property owners and managers. Below are articles that mention us or we have contributed to directly.

Navigating Summertime Irrigation Challenges

When summer heat is in full swing and the weather becomes hot and dry, irrigation issues are bound to pop up. If plants aren’t getting proper water, they can quickly develop heat stress and die off in as little as a week.  Signs of Irrigation Issues  Our...

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Water Conservation and the Tiered System

Is your property’s water bill increasing despite your water saving initiatives? North Texas has a finite supply of water, and the greatest impact to this supply is a rapidly growing population. Some experts believe the growth North Texas is on pace to...

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Be Seen in Green: The Future of Drought-Tolerant Grass

Preservation of natural resources remains a big topic in multifamily, enough that discussions about reducing energy and utility use typically fill a session or two at education conferences. Not long ago, an industry executive mentioned her company was...

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Dealing with Dallisgrass

Springtime brings a host of colorful flowers, green grasses, and blossoming trees… and weeds. These persistent pests can be spotted springing up between cracks in the sidewalk, taking over flower beds, and pushing their way into beautifully manicured...

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Tips for Controlling Bugs and Plant Disease

The bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming, and the mercury is inching higher on the thermometer. Spring has arrived! Here are simple, proactive steps you can take to keep your property looking its best during the spring and summer months. Proper...

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Add Value and Beauty with a Third Color Change

Traditionally, commercial properties plan seasonal two color changes per year for their landscaping. The first typically happens in May and the second in November, requiring annual plants to maintain peak color through the scorching heat of summer and the...

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