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Earthworks is always active in the communities of commercial landscapers and commercial property owners and managers. Below are articles that mention us or we have contributed to directly.

Why a Cold Winter Can Benefit Your Plants

The cold, damp weather of winter often gets a bad rap for wreaking destruction on plants. While it is true that some plants are more sensitive to cold temperatures and are at a greater risk of shock, the winter weather can provide benefits to your plants....

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Why is my Live Oak Dropping Leaves? Should I Worry?

It happens every January and February-the leaves on your live oak drop to the ground and causes a mess. Each year you think your tree is dying, but it doesn’t. Instead, it gets replenished with new, green leaves in the spring.This is a naturally occurring...

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How to Protect Your Landscaping Against Erosion

COVID-19 has stalled many aspects of life, but one thing it hasn’t stopped is the apartment boom in metropolitan areas. The DFW metroplex is predicted to be the area with the newest apartments in 2020, despite temporary shutdowns and new safety protocols....

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Retaining Walls 101

North Texas has its share of hills and slopes. It’s part of what makes our landscape so pretty – but it also brings with it landscaping challenges. Many homeowners and commercial property managers love the look of hillsides, those slopes can cause drainage...

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