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Earthworks is always active in the communities of commercial landscapers and commercial property owners and managers. Below are articles that mention us or we have contributed to directly.

Shining the Spotlight on Our Team: Kevin Narveson

In this month's employee spotlight, we're pleased to shine a much-deserved light on Kevin Narveson, EarthWorks' Construction Hardscape Manager. With an impressive 7-year tenure at the company, he has an unwavering dedication to his role, and his commitment to...

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Join Us In Congratulating Jacob Crockett

Jacob Crockett, EarthWorks Business Development Manager, was a nominee for the AATC Supplier of the Year Award at the AATC Lone Star Awards Ceremony held at Fort Worth Convention Center on January 27th. Despite not winning the award, being nominated for this category...

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A 3rd Seasonal Color Change Can Make Your Property Pop

During the winter when freeze events occur, it can be particularly challenging for plants, but it's never too late to give them a new lease on life. If you're looking to bring some spark and color into your garden and make it look vibrant again, why not invest in a...

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Shining the Spotlight on Our Team: Christian Tellez

Welcome to the first employee spotlight of 2023! Let's begin the year by talking about someone who is still somewhat new to our team but has made a lasting impression during his time with us. His name is Christian Tellez, and he's been an Account Manager with...

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A Message From Our President – Chris Lee

Happy Holidays. Those two words represent so much. I'm not talking about gifts or family, or food. I'm talking about all the different beliefs humans have regarding religion, culture, and worldviews. Have people adopted the generic "Happy Holidays" to try to be...

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Shining the Spotlight on Our Team: Dulce Sandoval

Once again, it’s time to spotlight another of our employees. This month we are talking about Dulce Sandoval, an Account Manager and Estimator with Earthworks who has been with us for five years.Dulce joined the company as an admin, having previously worked in...

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