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Earthworks is always active in the communities of commercial landscapers and commercial property owners and managers. Below are articles that mention us or we have contributed to directly.

EarthWorks update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

EarthWorks update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)Update 3-27-20As you are no doubt aware, several states and municipalities have issued ‘Stay at Home’ or ‘Shelter in Place’ orders for their communities, it is important to clarify Earthworks' position and responsibility in...

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Earthworks Honored

Earthworks recognised by SMU Cox School of Business and included on the 2019 D100 list Over the last 22 years a lot has changed here at Earthworks.  When you’re “in it” everyday, it's sometimes difficult to grasp just how much things have...

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Tree Talk with an Arborist

We sat down with EarthWorks arborist Paul to discuss why tree trimming is important, and what really happens when an arborist inspects and trims a tree. Read his interview to gain important insights regarding the health of your property’s trees. Why do we...

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We Love Our Vendors. You Will Too!

Peanut butter & jelly, cookies and milk, wine and cheese…. Some things are a perfect pairing! That’s how we feel about our vendors. We’re proud of the quality services we provide for our clients across the DFW and Houston metros, and we couldn’t do it...

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It’s Time to Prepare for Spring Planting

You’ve probably noticed your property’s winter plantings are looking tired. While we still have at least a month until the official start of spring, Texas weather starts a (sometimes unpredictable) warming pattern in February. We’ve already seen drooping...

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Everything You Need to Know About Winter Plantings

Winter is one of the best times to plant in Texas because our soil rarely freezes, and our area doesn’t typically get standing snow. By planting key items in winter, you can save money, lower water usage, and ensure your property’s landscape is ready when...

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Winter Watering Basics

Winter is coming… and that means it’s time to prepare for winter watering.  Unlike northern states, Texas does not get cold enough to require winter weatherization practices such as shutting down irrigation systems. Our winter temperatures and soil...

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How to Make the Most of Your Rain/Freeze Sensor

A rain/freeze sensor is a simple plastic device that is designed to shut off your property’s irrigation system in the event of freezing temperatures and / or rain. While they won’t track or predict the weather, they can help you save water. They also help...

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How to Determine Your Annual Landscaping Budget

Landscaping is a necessary and worthwhile investment for any commercial property. But how do you determine what to allocate for landscaping when planning for the upcoming fiscal year?  Without a proper budget, a property runs the risk of overlooking vital...

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To Rye or Not to Rye

As fall (hopefully) finds its way to our region, your property’s landscaping needs change. In addition to planning fall color changes, many of our clients want to find ways to maintain a healthy lawn during the cooler months by planting ryegrass.  Ryegrass...

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