Backflow Testing

Any system using water from a direct connection with the municipal water supply represents potential contamination of public drinking water. Backflow prevention devices are used to keep disruptions from from causing contamination. These disruptions can occur in either the public system or the private system. Either way you are responsible for preventing backflow contamination.

Cross-connect liability is real. Regular testing and maintenance of your backflow preventers is your first line of defense.

We are fully licensed to perform all types of backflow testing including fire lines.  We are registered with almost every municipality in DFW and are more than willing to register with any others in order to perform your testing.

Backflow testing is part of our broader landscape irrigation capabilities.

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EarthWorks has the manpower to perform installations usually within a timely manner, even during the peak season. And with our staff resources we can prepare multiple sites for owner inspection or investor tours within a single day, even on short notice.

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