Mid-Construction Update: North Star Apartment Community Green Space Renovation

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A few months ago, we started work on a 10,000-square-foot outdoor green space in the North Star Apartment community. This community is situated in the suburbs just northeast of Dallas and offers residents a quick drive to downtown while also offering them access to green space and room to raise children. The complexes are situated within a gated community with covered parking and an outdoor communal area. We were tasked with turning their empty green space into a multi-use communal area that would add value to the community for residents and property owners.

Right now, their communal space renovation is at its midpoint, and we are excited to share our progress and the adjustments we have made to create a gathering spot for the community to fit their specific needs.

Phase 2 is Now Underway

Currently, we are in the second phase of the project and are happy to report that quite a few areas of the space have already been installed and are almost ready for use by community members. We recently installed outdoor grills, dog parks, and pergolas and are presently laying sod around these additions. Once sod settles, it will be used with picnic areas and dog parks, just in time for the spring barbecuing season.

We have also been hard at work creating a playground that will bring together the community’s youngest residents (and their parents). A new playground structure is now installed, and we will be adding a slide and several spring horses and frogs to offer more variety to children. 

Another achievement has been the completion of the gaming area, which for now features a cornhole set, but will incorporate a number of other gaming areas that are yet to be determined.

Finally, we have pivoted on the basketball court, which the owners decided would not be advantageous at this time since most residents have elementary-aged or younger children. To help meet the needs of residents, the owners instead decided on an artificial turf soccer field that would get more use. Even with a change in plans, our team adapted quickly to this request mid-project without changing our estimated completion time.

This completes this back corner of the area and means it is time to move on to the middle phase of the construction project.

Xeriscaping is On The Docket

While it is not installed yet, water-sipping plants and other heat-resistant  Xeriscaping elements will be incorporated. Adding drought-resistant plants makes for low-maintenance landscaping and will reduce water consumption during the hot Texas summers.

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