Navigating Summertime Irrigation Challenges

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When summer heat is in full swing and the weather becomes hot and dry, irrigation issues are bound to pop up. If plants aren’t getting proper water, they can quickly develop heat stress and die off in as little as a week. 

Signs of Irrigation Issues 

Our representatives are on site at our clients’ properties ever 7-10 days and will keep an eye out for common irrigation issues. However, if you see any of the following, you should call your representative right away:

Dry Plants
Improper irrigation can quickly dry out plants in the middle of summer. Look for plants that are wilting, turning brown, or have dry, curled edges. You can also check the soil moisture by sticking a finger down in the soil around the plant. If the first inch is dry and hot, you likely have irrigation issues.

A Mix of Healthy and Wilting Plants
If you’re walking your property and notice that some areas look healthy while others are losing vibrancy, you may have a problem with your irrigation system. It’s best to assess the system and repair any issues before it causes long-term damage. 

Dry Spots in Grass
In the springtime dry, brown spots can indicate fungus, but in summer fungus is less prevalent. If you see dry grass, it’s probably not getting enough water – or incorrect watering techniques are causing heat stress. 

Proper Watering Is Key

Most people assume irrigation issues come from too little water, but overwatering is just as concerning. Summer rain lulls people into false assurance that there is plenty of ground water for plants. In reality, the ground can only hold so much moisture, and a good soaking rain will provide five days of water at best. 

Irrigation system leaks can also cause serious concerns beyond a high water bill. Left unchecked, leaks can over-saturate the ground and cause foundation issues in nearby buildings. Overwatering can also negatively affect plants and grass, leading to fungus and bug infestations. 

Implement Better Irrigation Strategies 

Proper irrigation is about more than regularly watering and mowing. Understanding your property’s ecosystem can help you determine the best steps to take to maintain optimal tree, plant and grass health. 

The best strategy is to upgrade to a smart irrigation control system such as Weathermatic. Today’s smart controllers can identify irrigation system issues such as valve leaks before they create costly problems. Smart controllers pull data from your area and from weather satellites to provide optimal watering for your property. Your plants will be happier and your water bill will drop significantly! 

If you don’t have a smart irrigation system yet, opt to water in the morning before 10 a.m. If you water at night, the moisture won’t properly soak in before sunrise. This can lead to fungus or can cause delicate plants to fry when the sun hits water droplets on their flowers and stems. 

Other strategies include incorporating xeriscaping by using heartier plants that can withstand dry summer heat, and installing pergolas and pool shades to reduce water loss in key areas on your property. 

Don’t let subpar irrigation destroy your property’s landscaping. Contact us today for help navigating and fixing your irrigation system issues. 


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