Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Pool Landscaping

now is the time to upgrade your pool landscaping

As summer temperatures climb, many apartment community pools remain closed or have limited access due to COVID-19. You can turn a frustrating situation into an opportunity to upgrade this key amenity on your property! 

Upgrades With Minimum Downtime 

Pools are meant for fun and leisure, but it’s no fun trying to relax with demolition and landscaping going on in the background. While your pool is closed, our teams can handle large and small projects without interrupting the use of your property’s amenities. We’ll be able to work with minimal interruption, and your residents will love the upgrades once the pool reopens. 

Recommended Swaps

Our most popular updates involve switching to low maintenance landscapes that involve little trimming and less mess. Many properties are now choosing to replace grass with artificial turf to avoid getting grass clippings in the pool. We’ve also helped properties swap ornamental trees out for palm trees that won’t drop flowers and leaves in the pool throughout the year. Last, some properties are transitioning from mulch, which can be messy and clog pool filters, to a gravel aggregate that lasts longer, helps prevent erosion, and requires less long-term maintenance. 

Make an Impact with Upgraded Amenities

If you’ve been putting off a poolside overhaul, now is the time! Our team can install extended sundecks, add gazebos or pergolas, or build on that outdoor kitchen residents have asked for. We can also add new colorful pots and planters to brighten up your decor. 

While you’re upgrading the landscape, we recommend also reviewing your irrigation system. Drip irrigation and smart controller upgrades can help to decrease runoff, save water costs, and improve the overall look of your poolside landscape. 

Strategic upgrades can improve the look of your property, simplify maintenance, and provide nicer amenities for your community residents. If you’d like to discuss landscaping upgrades around your pool, give us a call. We’ll draw up a complimentary custom design and landscape plan to help you maximize your assets and give residents a space they’ll love to call home. 

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