Why You Need to Add an Outdoor Kitchen Area to Your Apartment Community

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Commercial property owners are always thinking about how they can attract tenants and improve the profits of the apartment communities they own. As a property owner, an amenity you can consider adding to help boost the appeal of your complex is an outdoor/kitchen grilling station. Not only does this offer entertaining outdoor space to your residents, but it also helps reduce the number of people with backyard smokers that may not appeal to their next-door neighbors, reducing complaints. EarthWorks has worked with many apartment communities and has years of experience installing outdoor grilling stations.

What Can Be Included in a Grilling Station/Outdoor Kitchen?outdoor kitchen 211x150 1

Ideally, when planning for a grilling station, you need to place it in a central location that is easily accessible by all residents. You also want to ensure that it is not close to any roadways to minimize the chance of injuries by anyone passing by or by vehicles.

The most common size of outdoor kitchen that apartment owners choose is 15′ x 15′, which includes a 12-foot grill station topped with granite countertops that can withstand the Texas weather. Many communities choose to also add a ceramic smoker depending on the grilling needs of their residents. Trash receptacles are common add-ons along with tables, benches, and ceiling fans since the weather can quickly warm up in Texas. Other additions that can be added to the amenity area include a pergola and party lighting to help shelter the area.

EarthWorks prefers to use a natural stone mortar for the flooring and generally installs propane and charcoal grills so that residents have various cooking choices. In addition, all cooking areas have an auto-shutoff timer installed to ensure safety.

Why Apartment Communities Should Consider Outdoor Kitchen Spaces

The most apparent reason why property managers consider installing an outdoor kitchen is that it adds value to their community, but there are many more benefits as well. In addition to attracting a more desirable range of tenants, installing an outdoor kitchen space that doubles as a party space can be a great way to justify increased rents. When placed in a central location, the grilling station will also add aesthetic value to the property and offers tenants something to brag about to others (in turn increasing the appeal of the property).

Let EarthWorks Handle Your Grilling Station Installation

Grilling stations are growing in popularity and are becoming standard amenities throughout many high-end commercial properties. If you want to remain competitive, it may be time to contact EarthWorks about their landscaping services. For the past four decades, we have offered premier services to various communities throughout the greater Texas region. In that time, we have worked on everything from irrigation system installation to tree installation to retaining walls and planning architectural add-ons to communities such as playgrounds, dog parks, and grilling stations.

If you are ready to install a grilling station at your commercial property, contact EarthWorks today to learn more.


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