Outdoor Living Spaces: An Essential Landscape Design Feature

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Getting outdoors has a host of benefits, from naturally boosting energy to mitigating pain. And research shows that outdoor living areas are among the top amenities residents look for when choosing an apartment community.

This is why EarthWorks offers more than premier landscaping services – we also design and build outdoor living spaces! While we offer a variety of outdoor living space designs, here are the three most requested builds.

Outdoor Kitchens

Once reserved solely for residential homes, outdoor kitchens are now popular design choices for community lounge areas and pool decks. These can be as simple as a charcoal grill centered in a lovely rock design, or as elaborate as a wood-fired pizza oven or full outdoor kitchen with an entertainment area. We can also design fire pits.

Xeriscape Gardens

Xeriscaping is a landscaping style that can reduce water usage. Our xeriscape gardens provide a calming sensory experience for residents without requiring more water and landscape maintenance. Additionally, we can implement xeriscape gardens to manage drainage areas, control erosion, and beautify plant beds in need of a facelift.

Custom Pergolas & Gazebos

If you don’t know the difference between these two, don’t sweat it – they’re quite similar. A gazebo has a roof, while a pergola has a shaded cover that is typically comprised of slats or lattice.

Whichever you choose, these structures are great for creating intimate seating and entertaining spaces in your outdoor living area. They’re popular near pool areas where they can provide additional shade from the Texas heat. Plus, they look beautiful

… And More!

While the above builds are some of our most popular requests, we can also provide the following services:

  • Water Features
  • Walk Paths/Patios
  • Picnic areas
  • Retaining Walls

Outdoor design can boost resident retention, save on water and maintenance costs, and increase property value. They provide a high return on investment in addition to creating beautiful areas for residents to enjoy while they call your community home.

Need inspiration for your outdoor living space? Check out these amazing ideas for outdoor design, then give us a call to set up a design consultation.


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