Commercial Landscaping Services Company in Pearland, TX

EarthWorks is a full-service commercial landscaping management that has been operating in Texas since 1979. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality landscaping services in Pearland, TX, and beyond.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Commercial Landscapers
in Pearland, TX?

Our Highly Skilled Team

EarthWorks has a fully staffed team equipped to perform any installation. Our team members are certified in specialties that include: turf grass management, water conservation, arboriculture (arborists), backflow testing, and more. We can service your property promptly, even during our peak seasons.

We can make multiple sites on the property come to life within a single day by using the proper construction materials and techniques. Due to our decades of experience, we can provide our customers with high-quality service, even at short notice. 

Up Front Estimation 

We work closely with our clients to make the process of getting an accurate estimate simple, fast, and free of charge. In most cases, we’ve been able to offer estimates within 48 hours of the request. Our account managers stay connected with clients via email and smartphone, so they are always available to contact you with your questions or concerns. 

Attention To Detail 

The skilled team at EarthWorks can evaluate your property, discuss your needs, and formulate a plan that fits your property and budget. The goal is to help you create eye-catching landscape designs that flourish and enhance your property.


We understand that pests can be a hassle, so we are prepared by having multiple Texas Department of Agriculture pest control certifications to handle even the worst infestation. We also comply with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and employ licensed irrigators and irrigation technicians. 


We have many team members who are certified in certain areas of our industry, some of which include:

  • Water conservation
  • Backflow testing
  • Turf grass management
  • Arboriculture 
  • Pest management
  • Irrigation Specialists


Every job we take is fully insured. We carry insurance policies for any situation that could arise, including:

  • General liability insurance
  • Automobile insurance
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Workers’ compensation

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    Our Services

    commercial landscaping services in pearland txGood quality landscaping improves the value of a commercial property. We have the experience to handle all commercial landscaping needs, from regular maintenance to planning and design. We work with properties such as:

    • Condos
    • Apartments
    • Office buildings
    • Campuses
    • Hotels

    Below are some of the services we perform;

    commercial landscaping service in dallas, tx


    With proactive maintenance, any property’s beauty and usability can be enhanced. We have the resources to take care of commercial properties of any size, helping with mowing, weed control, disease control, and other tasks.

    commercial landscaping services in richardson tx


    With good irrigation, it’s possible to lower water bills. We can help you with water and sprinkler management. We employ licensed irrigators and certified irrigation technicians to design and install sprinkler systems that meet TCEQ standards.

    drainage erosion control

    Drainage / Erosion Control

    Proper drainage and erosion control ensure your property’s structure stays in good shape. We’ll help preserve the value of your property and prevent issues like flooding and foundation failures.

    landscape installation

    Landscape Design/Build

    Water-conserving landscapes, water features, pools, fire pits, walking paths, and other landscape designs or installation products enhance the usability of a property. We can even help with Xeriscaping to save water using efficient irrigation and native plants.



    Lighting up your space is about more than just looking nice. Good lighting improves the overall safety of a property to prevent trips, falls, and other accidents. We design, install and maintain landscape lighting to keep your property functional at night.

    retaining walls

    Retaining Walls

    Changes in ground elevation need support, which is what retaining walls are used for. We can create structurally sound yet beautiful retaining walls for your commercial property. 

    tree installation

    Tree Installation

    Enhance the appearance of your property with the right trees. We’ll help you select the right specimens to minimize maintenance while having the greatest impact on the appearance of your property.

    Locations We Serve

    While we are based in Alvarado, TX, we serve areas beyond our headquarters, such as;

    Call EarthWorks for Commercial Landscaping in Pearland, TX

    If you are ready to enhance your commercial property’s landscaping, contact EarthWorks today. You can also request an estimate online. We’re looking forward to speaking with you about your landscaping needs soon.


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