Lawn Pest and Weed Control Services in Texas

lawn pest control services in texasWeeds and pests can be devastating for your property and outdoor areas, and they could easily undo any investments you’ve made and lead to loss of money and property value. At EarthWorks, we have the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to prevent and combat pests and weeds, and we can help set up a pest management plan for your property.

Get started with your pest and weed management before it takes over your property.

Custom Services

There are many ways to ensure cost-effective landscape design, but two things that can get in your way are pests and weeds. EarthWorks offers complete service packages to regain control of your property and outdoor areas.

Pest-Weed Control Services We Offer

Preventive and Restoring Pest Control

Identifying the bugs hiding in your outdoor landscaping can help determine the correct course of action. If you want to save time and gain control right away, we are here to help. Scale, grubs, spider mites, aphids, bagworms, and armyworms are only some unwelcome guests you might end up dealing with, and we are experts in making them go away (and stay away)!

Our pest management programs are designed to quickly identify the issue, followed by establishing an action plan that eliminates existing pests, prevents future outbreaks, and restores your plants to their former glory.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Preventing the germination of weed seeds is key to keeping your lawn lush, green, and weed-free. Not everyone realizes the importance of acting before you spot those unwelcome guests popping up on your turf, as it’s a plague that can be impossible to combat once it establishes itself. 

EarthWorks pre-emergent treatment is applied regularly to beat annual outbreaks to the punch. We calculate the exact timing to apply these treatments for maximal results to keep your property looking its best throughout the year.

Post-Emergent Weed Control

Weeds already sprouted require separate action, and while harder to combat, EarthWorks can help you set up a plan of action to eliminate the pest without damaging your lawn. Winning against weeds can be a lengthy process unless it’s done correctly. Whether you are dealing with broadleaf or grassy weeds, our customized solutions are designed to handle the outbreak rapidly and effectively.


As part of our strive to offer high-quality services to all our customers, we have assembled a team of experts. EarthWorks holds TDA (Texas Department of Agriculture) certifications for pest control. EarthWorks is Texas Commission compliant regarding Environment Quality and fully TDA (Texas Department of Agriculture) certified.

Our Pest and Weed Control Experts

Our two pest and weed control experts form part of our team at EarthWorks.

chad mcbride

Chad McBride

  • Licensed Irrigator, TCEQ (LI0020427)
  • 20+ years in the green industry
  • BA in Business Administration from the University of Houston

victor sargsyan

Victor Sargsyan

  • Licensed Irrigator #LI0021528
  • Commercial Pesticide Applicator license #0756918
  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester license#BP0017050
  • Certified in Water Conservation Strategies in Landscape Irrigation
  • Completed Agrilife Extension Pesticide Applicator Training

Pests Today, Gone Tomorrow!

When it comes to property value, every investment, you make matters. You can spend thousands on the perfect plants, a fancy irrigation system, and a landscape design that stands out, but unless you consciously try to prevent and combat pests—all that could be for nothing. An infestation could wipe out the hard work you’ve put into perfecting your property, and your best bet is prevention.

Whatever your situation is, we have the solution. Maintenance is one of the most important steps in property management, and investing in regular pest and weed control is one of the most valuable steps along the way. Get in touch with us at EarthWorks today for your free landscape consultation. Each consultation is tailored to answer all your questions and to find options that work for you.

About EarthWorks

EarthWorks opened its doors in 1979 and has been devoted to providing expert landscaping services, tree trimming, and property care. Seasonal color restoration, sodding, tree and shrub installation, along with customized property management solutions, pest and weed control, drainage,
and emergency services. 

We understand the importance of property care and maintenance and offer solutions suitable for homeowners and those managing commercial properties. When you work with us, you receive customized solutions tailored to your budget, needs, and preferences, and our devoted team consists of licensed experts
in their respective fields.

A carefully designed and executed outdoor living space or area could significantly raise the value of your property, and we are here to help you navigate the slippery slope of property ownership. Whether you are looking to build new or maintain what you already have on your property, EarthWorks can provide you with the tools and manpower you need.

Locations We Serve

While we are based in Alvarado, TX, we serve areas beyond our headquarters, such as;

Get in Touch

EarthWorks calls the Dallas-Fort Worth area home and has been serving the surround region since the late 1970s. Since that time, we have been expanding our service areas to beautify and improve the health of even more Texas properties. To maintain a pest-free lawn and weed control services in your Texas property, reach out to our dedicated pest control experts. Give us a call at 817-477-3910. to inquire about a complimentary estimate!

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