Phase Three Adds the Finishing Touches to our North Star Apartment Community Project

We have been busy at work at the North Star Apartment Community to create an outdoor space that takes apartment living to new levels, and we’ve put our heart, skills, and expertise into every step of the process. Thanks to our excellent team of well-equipped professionals, we completed the job on time and within the budget. As always, we take great pride in our landscaping work, and this challenge put us to the test. After having just completed a walk-through with our clients and confirmed that they loved what we’ve done, we are happy to announce we met our goals and delivered on our promises. 

The Completion of Phase Three

The main goal was to create an aesthetically pleasing environment for the apartment residents and to boost the sense of community by providing functional areas such as a playground, dog park, outdoor kitchen, and a synthetic turf soccer field. 

During phase three, Xeriscaping was incorporated, allowing us to use drought-tolerant plants, rocks, and other natural materials to enhance the landscaping in ways that suit the hot and dry Texas climate. This promotes easy maintenance and longevity.

Phase three also saw the completion of the playground area. The playground was one of the features of the renovation as North Star is home to many young families. They are thrilled with the installation and expect the playground to be a hit with the community’s children!

We also finished the gaming area by installing a concrete bag toss game for the residents to enjoy with friends and family.

Careful Planning Leads to Seamless Execution

One of our greatest strengths at EarthWorks is our business experience. Thanks to over 43 years in the business, we have developed methods to calculate and plan each aspect of the work that lies ahead, which leads to seamless execution. We consider everything and consult with our clients throughout the project to ensure we both meet and exceed expectations.

The objective for this project was to create a landscape design that incorporated natural elements and blended in with what Texas naturally has to offer, which shows in the final results. Each step of the process was picked apart, analyzed, calculated, and maximized to provide our clients with top service and impressive results from the start, and it is thanks to this process we achieved what we set out to do. 

An Investment That Benefits Everyone

Our clients were very clear regarding one thing: They didn’t just want an investment that would raise the overall property value—they wanted the added value to benefit the community and the apartment residents. We combined their vision with our knowledge and skills, and together, we created a 10,000-square-foot outdoor green space that will fill a much-needed function for current and future residents.

The community now benefits from outdoor areas suitable for all age groups, where families can come together and make new connections. The opportunities are endless, but we believe our landscape design sets the North Star Apartment Community up for a bright future.

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We have always been very confident in our team and our abilities to bring landscaping dreams to life. The completion of this project confirms our commitment to delivering on our promises. EarthWorks is all about value-driven landscaping and purposeful property maintenance

Do you have a landscaping project that you would like some help with? We can assist you in achieving your goals by making your projects as successful as the North Star Apartment Community project. All it takes is proper planning and skillful execution, our expertise, and the positive results of past projects that perfectly demonstrate what we can do for you. Contact us today to request an estimate for your next landscaping project.

Check out the full transformation in the photo gallery below.


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