Shining A Spotlight On Our Team Member: Noe Morales

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Without the honest and hard-working employees we have, we would not be where we are today. They bring unmatched skills and attributes and are dedicated to making our client’s properties as beautiful as possible. Whether they work in the office or on-site, the EarthWorks family makes it all work! We hope you enjoy learning about our awesome team members as much as we do!

This month we are shining the spotlight on Noe Morales, our Field Training Manager- Extraordinaire! As a landscape driver, Noe began his journey with EarthWorks in the spring of 2020, but he quickly proved himself more valuable in another role. Shortly after Noe started, we created a training program to equip our existing and new employees with the required skills of their jobs and aim to create growth opportunities for others. When we started looking for the right person to fill the position, Noe rose to the top of the list! Noe is responsible for training other employees to ensure they perform at their highest level on our landscaping crews. Noe enjoys this role as he likes seeing other team members become comfortable and confident with their new skills. He places a great emphasis on safety and has a great sense of who is ready for each task; this is mainly due to the one-on-one sessions he has with each team member to encourage them to present solutions to problems rather than solve problems themselves. He takes great pride in his role and is always pleased to hear positive feedback from the team members he trains.

Noe took this challenging role head-on and has thrived due to his can-do attitude. We never had a position like this before at EarthWorks, so we, and Noe, were not 100% sure of what it would look like in terms of execution. However, Noe has done a phenomenal job in the last year. He has trained over 100 employees, increasing our employee retention rate due to his ability to communicate our policies to team members and teach them the necessary skills to succeed once released to our crews.

When asked what’s his favorite part of his job, Noe said, “being able to help people develop new skills and improve their own lives is the greatest reward of this role. Whether it’s teaching a soft skill, self-development, or practical tasks, being able to give someone the tools to improve their life is so satisfying.”

Noe and his family hail from Cocula, Jalisco, Mexico. Noe is proud of his early beginnings as Cocula is the infamous birthplace of Mariachi, Mariachi music, and Jaripeo (Rodeo) Birria. He came to California with his family when he was a baby and spent most of his life between California and Mexico. Noe attended Monterey Peninsula College in California and then took on various roles such as working in management, a lineman for a security company, a safety steward, and an Account Manager for an automobile company. Six years ago, he and his family relocated to Arlington, TX.

Noe is a proud Freemason, which likely is why he is such an excellent teacher, as many of their beliefs are rooted in fellowship and mutual assistance. He loves to spend time with his family outdoors and work on cars in his spare time.

As we always do, we asked Noe to share his favorite plant, and he spoke of the Spanish Plum (Ciruelo) Tree as it reminds him of home. This tree is native to Mexico and boasts delicious plums, which Noe thinks are the best-tasting fruit in the world!

We are so pleased to have Noe on our team here at EarthWorks. He has brought a wealth of knowledge to the role we created for him and has impacted our team in ways we can’t thank him enough for!

If you would like to nominate an EarthWorks team member to be one of our employee spotlights in the future, send us a note and tell us about your experience with them.


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