Shining a Spotlight on Our Team: Xochitl Lopez

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Our team members are the backbone of our company, and without them, we wouldn’t be the premier landscaping company that we are today. Each of them brings a set of hard and soft skills that are invaluable to their roles, and each of them is dedicated to beautifying our client’s properties. Whether they work onsite or in the office together, our employees are what makes the EarthWorks family such a success! We hope you enjoy learning about our awesome team members as much as we do.

This month we are shining the spotlight on Xochitl Lopez. Xochitl serves as our Recruitment and Engagement Manager and is responsible for hiring/onboarding employees and creating ways to keep our employees engaged, trained, and content within their roles. She is full of energy and kindness and is our unofficial company photographer! She loves to get out into the field, meet new crew members, take photos or videos of what they are doing, and see their smiling faces!

Xochitl has been with EarthWorks since 2016. Combined with six years of experience in the landscaping industry, she has over a decade of experience in HR and administration and over 20 years in customer service. Her love for the landscaping industry grew when she worked at a residential painting company, as she was able to see how much painting and landscaping could amp up the curb appeal of a home. 

img 20220406 211650 1She is originally from Mexico City but came to the US when she was young. Her husband likes to joke that she was kicked out of Mexico as she’s the only Mexican he knows who doesn’t know how to make tamales! Xochitl and her husband, a country boy from Tenessee, have a full house. Together they share a beautiful, blonde-haired, dark-eyed daughter (a perfect mix of them), a step-son who she is immensely proud of and who just joined the Space Force, their two dogs, Rocky and Bingo, and Xochitl’s mother. Xochitl likes to joke, saying they have added a new family member to their home each year they have been together!

Xochitl is a “jack of all trades” as she attended El Centro College in Dallas for interior design, is a registered tax preparer, and even does bookkeeping for small businesses. She has even completed several renovation projects at her home. 

When Xochitl isn’t renovating her home, doing taxes for businesses, spending time with her family, and working (WOW, that’s quite a plate!), she is very involved with a program called Celebrate Recovery. She is extremely passionate about her community and helping others in any way, so it is fitting that she has worked with the recovery program for four years as a group leader and mentor. It’s no surprise to learn this of Xochitl as she displays the same passion and mentorship to our EarthWorks family on a daily basis. 

When asked how she feels about working for EarthWorks, Xochitl could not say enough about her experience with our company. “I think EarthWorks is experiencing a pivotal moment in their history – they are evolving rapidly and implementing new initiatives that are already resulting in huge growth. What I like most about the company is that they make decisions based on the well-being of everyone, and they invest in us directly. I am very grateful to be part of the positive change that is occurring and am honored to witness them at this moment. I truly believe they are defining what the next 20, 30, or more years of success will look like for the business and the employees. Thank you, Earthworks!” 

We can’t thank Xochitl enough for her kind words and are so grateful to have her on our team and that our efforts are not going unnoticed, the feeling is mutual, Xochitl! If we haven’t said it enough, we have the best team members here at EarthWorks!

If you would like to nominate an EarthWorks team member to be one of our employee spotlights in the future, send us a note and tell us about your experience with them.


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