Shining the Spotlight on Our Team: Cesar Vasquez

cesar vazquez

It’s time once again for another employee spotlight. As many of you know by now, this is our way of giving you some insight into the people you work with daily. Today, the EarthWorks light shines upon a man closing in on two decades with our company: Cesar Vasquez.

Cesar has been part of the EarthWorks family for an astonishing sixteen years and five months. He’s taken on many roles and responsibilities over the years and currently holds the Director of Client Relations/ Senior Account Manager position. This achievement is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and passion for making our clients happy. 

 “I enjoy working with people,” Cesar told us. “I’ve been in this industry for quite some time now, and it’s a real pleasure to educate our customers about landscaping. I am grateful to EarthWorks for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow all these years. And I think it’s important to share the knowledge that I’ve acquired.”

Cesar’s success is primarily due to the people surrounding him in his personal life. He is a dedicated family man who loves spending as much time with them as possible. “I am blessed with a wonderful family,” he says with a big smile. “They are my rock. We have a family ranch, and when time allows me, I like being there, relaxing, and making the most of my free time.”

cesar vazquez 1In addition to spending time at the ranch, Cesar indulges in his passion for sports as a coaching staff member of his daughter’s Under-16 softball team. He also loves attending the games of my nephews and nieces, who also share his love of the game. 

Of course, no employee spotlight would be complete without asking Cesar this question: What is your favorite plant or flower, and what do you associate with it? 

“The magnolia tree,” says Cesar, “because it symbolizes luck and stability. The flowers of this tree are associated with purity, dignity, and nobleness, which are all values that I hold very dearly.”

Cesar has made so many outstanding contributions to our company. His many years of hard work and dedication perfectly capture the EarthWorks spirit. We’re so proud to have him as part of the EarthWorks family.

We look forward to his continuing presence in the years to come. 

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