Shining the Spotlight on Our Team: Christian Tellez

christian tellez

Welcome to the first employee spotlight of 2023! Let’s begin the year by talking about someone who is still somewhat new to our team but has made a lasting impression during his time with us. His name is Christian Tellez, and he’s been an Account Manager with EarthWorks for the past two and a half years. 

Christian was born and raised in Weatherford, Texas. He graduated from Weatherford High School and attended Weatherford College but now resides in Irving. He lives there with his partner and a daughter named Luna, who is about to celebrate her 5th birthday. 

Christian’s role as Account Manager currently has him managing the landscaping and irrigation for 40 properties. It’s a challenging role, but one that he clearly enjoys and thrives in.When we asked Christian what he likes most about his work as an Account Manager at EarthWorks, Christian spoke about his interactions with fellow EarthWorks employees.

“Some of my favorite moments at work are when I can sightsee around the metroplex, viewing our clients’ properties. I love the chance to interact with many people, and I enjoy seeing managers happy and their properties looking great.”

Christian is very passionate about physical fitness as he trains in martial arts, lifts weights, and runs. He also enjoys going out dancing when he gets the chance.

croton petraNo EarthWorks employee spotlight is ever complete without asking our team members what their favorite tree or plant is. Christian said, “My favorite plant is the Croton Petra plant, as I enjoyed planting them with the landscape crews when I worked in the field.”

We are very happy that Christian has chosen to work with us here at EarthWorks, and he’s made some great contributions to our team.

Who would you like to nominate for a future employee spotlight? Send us a note telling us who they are and your experience working with them.


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