Shining the Spotlight on Our Team: Kevin Narveson

kevin narveson

In this month’s employee spotlight, we’re pleased to shine a much-deserved light on Kevin Narveson, EarthWorks’ Construction Hardscape Manager. With an impressive 7-year tenure at the company, he has an unwavering dedication to his role, and his commitment to excellence is evident in every project he takes on. 

Kevin has a long history in the landscaping industry, with a wealth of experience spanning over four decades – dating back to 1988. Throughout his career in the green industry, he has primarily served in hardscape construction, helping multiple clients add structure, definition, and visually stimulating natural designs to elevate their properties.

Reflecting on his time at EarthWorks and what he enjoys about his role, he says,” I love what I do because I can create outdoor spaces that our clients’ residents can enjoy for a very long time.” “Kevin is held in the highest esteem by colleagues and clients alike, and that speaks so much to his character,” says Chris Lee, President of EarthWorks.

In addition to his passion for his work, Kevin is a devoted family man. He and his wife adopted their granddaughter when she was only 1 1/2 years old; now, she is 9. “She keeps us young for sure,” he adds. Admittedly, they are fully immersed in their granddaughter’s life, and he is grateful for the immense joy and energy she brings.

kevin narveson 2Kevin loves spending quality time with his family when he is not busy at work. From helping his little girl with homework or softball practice to arranging playdates and planning vacations, he has made it a point to build a life around his wife and granddaughter. As the head coach of his granddaughter’s softball team, Kevin enjoys sharing his passion for the sport with young kids to inspire learning and growth while ensuring they thrive under his guidance. His strong commitment to family values has undoubtedly shaped him into the caring and dedicated professional he is today.

When asked about this favorite plant material (for our love of botanical curiosity in these spotlights), Kevin admits he doesn’t have one. However, with a keen mastery of hardscape construction, he easily incorporates various plants and flowers into the outdoor spaces he designs, transforming landscapes into unique havens of beauty and delight.

We can’t thank Kevin enough for his outstanding contributions to our company over the years. His dedication and professionalism are the perfect embodiment of what EarthWorks stands for. We’re lucky to have him on board as an integral part of the EarthWorks family. 

Keep an eye out for upcoming Employee Spotlight posts to learn more about the remarkable team members that work for us. If you wish to nominate an EarthWorks team member to be a future employee spotlight, please send us a note and tell us about your experience with them.


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