Sick of the Rain? So are Your Plants. It’s Time to Add a 3rd Color Changeout.


Before we dive into the challenge we are facing, let’s define what a color changeout is. A color changeout is when the plants and flowers on properties are switched out to refresh the overall beauty of beds and landscaping islands to prepare for the changing season. Traditionally we have offered two color changeouts designed to last 27 weeks each. One changeout is done in the summer to prepare for warmer temperatures, and one changeout is done in the winter to switch to plants that fare better as the greater Dallas area starts to cool down.

Erratic Winter Weather Leads to New Landscaping Needs

For decades the two-color changeout process has been effective for most of the EarthWorks’ clientele, but the erratic winter weather that Texas has been experiencing over the last few years is changing the game. Due to the odd winter weather, we realized that a 3rd color changeout is necessary to help bridge the gap for when the plants underperform.

Given that the weather seems to be growing steadily more erratic over the last five years, it’s a safe bet this pattern will continue for the next five. Whether the weather is shifting because of cyclical patterns or global warming, the plants are suffering. Many are dying early or wilting, destroying their effect on commercial properties that are judged by their appearance.

Introducing the Third Color Changeout

untitled 2With that in mind, we have identified a need for a third color changeout. As part of the winter color changeout, our team installs dianthus, pansies, ornamental cabbage plants, and kale. Most of these plants are built to withstand cooler temps. However, the crazy weather patterns that see temperatures go from the 80s to the 20s and back up to the 80s in a matter of 36 hours are just too much for them.

untitled 3A third color changeout involves installing petunias in beds where the pansies, cabbage, and kale are starting to wilt. Petunias, known as the “King of the Spring” are also known for their large, vibrant bloom and perform great in the spring. They, therefore, can bridge the gap between changeouts since the winter flowers tend to wear out sooner than they used to.

Budget Now for the Third Changeout

Most apartment owners and property managers have already allocated their landscaping budgets for this year, but now is the time to start budgeting for next year to prepare for the costs of the third changeout. If your goal is to keep your property looking bright and sharp, a third changeout is wise. Don’t let your property slide the last few spring months; budget for the third color changeout, and keep your property fresh and colorful year-round. If you happen to have discretionary funds this year, we are more than happy to send someone out to provide you with a quote to get your property from drab to fab before spring!

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As a premier commercial landscape management company in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas, we know how to create colorful landscapes that add value to a property and are a treat to look at. With over four decades of experience landscaping and installing color throughout the greater Dallas area, the work we do for our current clients speaks for itself. If your beds have seen better days, give us a call and we will get you set up with a free quote to spruce them up!


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