The Alexan West Dallas Shows Why It Gets 5 Stars From Residents

before and after photos of the alexan west dallas apartment backyards and courtyard There is a reason why Alexan West Dallas gets five stars on Facebook. With all the amenities the community has to offer, there is no doubt this is a neighborhood unlike any other. Just across the Trinity River, near the Trinity Groves neighborhood and Bishop Arts district, lies the Alexan. The Alexan brand is designed to inspire with an innovative collection of homes featuring luxury amenities, creative style, natural textures, a peaceful outdoor lounge, and an artistic atmosphere. That atmosphere doesn’t end with the amenities on the inside. alexan courtyardThe main courtyard is an inviting, open space with a fire pit, hammocks, swimming pool, dog park, and rear exit doors to their patio area. While the community had it all, the one thing it was missing was a way for tenants to enter the main courtyard from their backyards. Although each unit has a backyard space, the community was originally designed so that first-floor tenants needed to exit their front door and walk around the building to enter the courtyard. An inconvenience at best, it was not ideal for creating an open space extension of their yard. Earthworks were brought in to remove each unit’s fence and install four-foot black iron fencing with a gate for each unit. Landscaping was then removed and replaced with synthetic turf. The result: A clean, maintenance-free, beautiful yard for each tenant with access to the courtyard. Five-star properties are named as such because of their design, location, and amenities. With our help, residents now have easy access to those amenities. Looking to update your property? Earthworks team of landscape designers, installers, and maintenance personnel can design any project for your needs. Contact us today for a free estimate.


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