The Community Enrichment Center: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and Family Violence

community enrichment center

Today we want to introduce you to an organization that has been making a significant impact in our community. The Fort Worth Community Enrichment Center assists and empowers victims of family violence, homelessness, and poverty in Tarrant County. Their efforts have changed many lives and helped guide them toward a brighter future filled with hope and God’s love.

Providing Hope for Families in the Community

For the past 30 years, the CEC has been helping families and individuals undergoing a crisis create the stability they need. They do this through various means, such as financial coaching, offering safe housing and basic food necessities, as well as high school equivalency and employment readiness counseling. Their efforts have provided practical results and much-needed hope that has guided families out of their poverty and family violence cycles.

CEC Empowers People Through Collaborations With Programs to Help

Food: Every year, the CEC provides over 90,000 meals to families and low-income people that need help.

Housing: The stability of CEC-owned and managed housing provides a place of safety for low-income families, victims of domestic violence, and people experiencing homelessness.

Employment and Financial Coaching: The CEC provides counseling so individuals and families can learn to improve their income, save money, and increase their credit scores.

Adult Education: Adults can earn their High School Equivalency through the CEC and get college application assistance. They can improve their job skills and start on a new path to success.

We Support the Efforts of the CEC and Their Work with the Local Community

EarthWorks contributes free landscaping services all year-round to the Community Enrichment Center. Our president Chris Lee says the following: ¨I´m very proud to contribute to such an important organization that is making a difference in the lives of our community. Their hard work continues to raise awareness of the needs of families that need help while seeking to empower change. I´m happy that EarthWorks can be a part of that, and I hope that members of the public can also find the time to help.¨

Make a Difference by Contributing to the CEC’s Efforts

You can do your part and help the CEC in its efforts to break the cycle of poverty and family violence. Visit their website to read more about their history and mission and learn how you can contribute as a donor or volunteer. You can make a monthly donation that helps families year-round or a single, one-time gift.

The CEC also accepts food donations at their drive-thru drop system, located behind their warehouse, between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Contact the CEC today to find out how you contribute, and remember to follow them on their Facebook and Instagram pages to receive news and updates.


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