The EarthWorks Greenhouse Effect: It’s not what you think

Ever heard the sflowers in bloom in a greenhouseong, you can’t hurry love? We feel this way about the process of harvesting our plants and flowers. We have more than a dozen greenhouses across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing us with an abundance of gorgeous flowers throughout the year. Unlike many nurseries and retail giants, we don’t superficially force the blooming process. Instead, we use carefully researched methods to optimize the growth, resulting in a far superior product for our clients. As one of the only commercial landscapers in Texas to have greenhouses, we produce the best quality plants and flowers year-round for our client’s properties.

Mother Nature Knows Best

A traditional greenhouse that sells to the public, such as nurseries and retail giants like Home Depot and Lowe’s, grows their flowers with two intentions; the lowest production cost and the most sellable product (bright and in full bloom). They do this by fertilizing their flowers/plants to show top growth and color. While this appeals to consumers, the quality and longevity of the plants/flowers are significantly diminished. Root development has not been considered, leading to a shorter life for the plant/flower. Also, many nurseries grow their plants for when they expect consumers to want to buy them, not necessarily when the flowers are at their most optimal in their natural cycle. This is where EarthWorks differs. In our greenhouses, we don’t rush the process. We harvest our flowers and plants so they are ready when nature intends them to be (with a bit of help from rich micronutrients.)

The Advantages of Having Access to EarthWorks Greenhouses

person wearing a blue glove holding a small plant in soilWe help maintain our client’s apartment communities and commercial properties and aim to keep them beautifully landscaped year-round. This requires having access to plants and flowers that will stay in full bloom for the duration of a season.Not only can most of our plants and flowers remain in full bloom for 20 weeks or more, but they also thrive! That’s because we focus on the development of the plant roots. We treat our plants like royalty with a rich fertilizing regimen and fortify them with micronutrients such as magnesium, sulfur, lithium, boron, zinc, copper, and phosphorus. We also use sea kelp in our fertilizer to help make the roots “bulletproof” and well-adapted to the changing climate of the area. Our combination of nutrients allows us to grow blooms that are;

  • Disease resistant
  • Have stronger cell walls
  • Better root development
  • Achieve better photosynthesis

We Deliver What Our Clients Need and Want

We know what our clients want – the most attractive flowers that will remain that way for 20 weeks or more. The nutrients we use help achieve that. Our professional landscaping team provides a unique service—we grow and provide our commercial customers with customized seasonal blooms (in various colors) that keep their landscapes looking pristine for most of the year. We spend time and effort selecting different flowers based on what thrives for a long time. This is one of our driving factors, as we aim to provide the best in color, longevity, and price. We also spend a significant amount of time researching the flowers that have the longest blooms for each season. We also attend all the major plant shows where we look for the flowers that bloom the longest for the longest part of the season.

Growing Beyond the Seasonflowers growing in one of earthworks greenhouses

Another advantage of owning our greenhouses is the ability to grow an oversupply beyond the season. This allows us to control costs and reabsorb the expenses back into our product. Oversupply is critical as it will enable us to anticipate underperforming crops and offer free fillings to our commercial clients. This results in healthier and more beautiful blooms past the current growing season.

Questions? We’re Here to Help!

We hope this helps explain how we help properties maintain beautiful, hardy landscapes throughout the year. If you have any questions about updating your flowers beds or any questions in general about our greenhouses, do not hesitate to reach out to us!


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