Winter Storm Update, Part 3: The Power of Mother Nature and Patience

click to view & download the infographic; kill it or keep it

Click to view & download the infographic

Mother Nature is a nurturing yet powerful force. She stunned Texas with a winter storm in February, and most recently, she surprised us with her regenerative properties. Many plants and trees continue to recuperate despite the snow, ice, and frigid temperatures they endured.

The initial storm damage was hard to identify, and we were expecting to lose most plants. After months of patience, we are pleased with the progress various trees and plants have made since the unusual weather.

Now that spring is upon us, we should see signs of greenery and sprouting. But, when vegetation and sprouts are uneven and sparse, it indicates damage, and a full recovery is not likely. Our update last month provided good insight, but it was still too soon to identify which plants would bounce back and which ones would need to be removed. Now, most shrubs, ground cover, and trees are doing well but there are areas of concern. Take a look:

Type Varity Evaluation Recommendation
Shrubs Indian Hawthorn This shrub variety sustained the most damage. Remove and replace
Loropetalum We are seeing sporadic greenery but not enough to look healthy. Remove and replace
Wax Leaf Ligustrum Recovery is questionable at this point. Most varieties will need to be removed and replaced
Trees Oak and Crepe Myrtle Most trees are doing well, but these specific species are still struggling. Our certified arborist estimates 10% or less will need to be replaced.

plants sprouting in dirt-- earthworksWe feel confident most plants and trees will continue in a positive trajectory at this point in the winter storm recovery. If your landscape is showing signs of improvement, give it a little more time to regenerate. Allow your plants to get stronger on their own by avoiding fertilizer and over pruning.

We want your landscape to look full and healthy. Our team can assess your property and determine which plants or trees need to be replaced. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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