Commercial Tree Care Services In Texas

Trees located on your property could be your most undervalued asset. Well-maintained trees won’t just open up the landscape and add visual value to your property but also provide shade and additional dimension. However, trees that are not adequately cared for could have the opposite effect and, in a worst-case scenario, could clutter landscaping and damage close-by buildings. With this in mind, trees can be assets or liabilities, depending on how well you care for them. Ensuring they don’t become the latter is your responsibility as a property owner.

By putting your trust in the experts at EarthWorks, you are doing what is best for your property and your trees. We specialize in the skillful art of tree trimming. Our field experience and professional expertise are used to preserve the shape and beauty of your trees and shrubs, and we work with precise methods to promote long-term tree health.

commercial tree services in texas

Custom Services

Our team of certified arborists can help you determine the specific needs of your trees and use that information to develop a tailored plan for your landscape. Every property is different, and so is each tree, which is why our expertise becomes indispensable.

Here are aspects we consider when creating your customized tree and shrub service plan:

  • Branches that overhang buildings, structures, walkways, or parking lots.
  • Limbs that grow too close to power lines.
  • Branches that interfere with or affect the growth of other branches.
  • Cracks in the trunk or any of the tree’s major limbs.
  • Hollow trunks (could be a sign of an insect infestation that could cause damage).
  • Trees that are leaning heavily to one side.
  • V-shaped unions (also known as forks) vs. healthy U-shaped unions. V-shaped unions are more likely to cause a tree to split.

Tree Services We Offer In Texas

Tree Installation

A careful selection of trees is indeed likely to enhance your property and drive up the property value, but a poor choice of trees could become a headache in the long run. Our experts can help you choose the best trees based on your vision and budget and guide you to make the ideal choices for your property in terms of long-term tree and shrub maintenance.

With thousands of options out there, you want to make sure your investment pays off. We can help you through the decision-making stage, along with tree placement and installation.

Trimming and Pruning

Tree maintenance is just as important as choosing suitable trees for your property. We provide expert trimming and pruning services to keep your trees and shrubs in top condition throughout the year. With our services covering everything from crown pruning and aesthetic pruning to delicate thinning and clean-up services, you can sit back and enjoy the sight of perfectly trimmed trees. 

Emergency Tree Service

We offer emergency tree response services in case of storms, floods, fallen trees, or other tree-related incidents. Then, we assess the situation and immediately start implementing a solid action plan. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is or if it’s in the middle of the night—we’ll be there to provide 24/7 emergency help. Turn to us for safe tree removals by certified experts.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Taking down any tree—dead or alive—presents a risk, and leaving a potentially hazardous tree unattended could be even riskier. Additionally, leaving the stump after removing a tree could become more than just an eyesore, and it could present actual danger to residents on the property. Avoid this by reaching out to us for professional assistance. 

Tree stump removal is a complex job requiring manpower, the right tools, and the knowledge needed to proceed safely. EarthWorks has the equipment to perform complete stump grinding services, leaving the area free from debris and adequately prepared for future landscaping. The tree stump debris removed is recycled or repurposed for future use.

Disease Control

If a disease negatively affects the growth or color of your trees and shrubs, our experts can assess the damage, find the best treatment options, and devise a plan to eliminate the culprit causing the decline.

Root Zone Fertilization

If a tree is showing significant indications of decline, deep root fertilization is a method that could help kickstart the restoration process. Improve the overall health of your trees and shrubs, and bring out vibrant colors for you or your residents to enjoy.

Healthy Tree Guarantee

When you work with us, you get personalized assistance to keep your trees healthy whenever required. Count on us to visit your property between scheduled visits as (and if) needed, as we will happily make any necessary adjustments to ensure your service satisfaction.


In compliance with the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality), EarthWorks employs licensed irrigators and irrigation
technicians. We also hold multiple TDA (Texas Department of Agriculture) pest control certifications.

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Our Arborists

Two expert ISA arborists form part of our staff at EarthWorks.

paul carmella ew 3

Paul Carmella

  • ISA Certified Arborist (TX-4133A)
  • Member, Texas Chapter of the ISA
  • BA, Horticulture, Penn State University
  • Commercially Licensed Pesticide applicator

shaun callaway ew 2

Shaun Callaway

  • BLA, Landscape Architecture, Texas A&M University
  • Commercial Pesticide Applicator, Texas Department of Agriculture
  • CAS (Certified Apartment Supplier), National Apartment Association
  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester, TCEQ (BP 14032)
  • Licensed Irrigator, TCEQ (LI 18397)

Call EarthWorks Today For Your Tree Care Needs

Make the most of your property by investing in adequate care for your trees. Allow your trees to enhance the landscape and increase property value, and enjoy the many benefits of improved tree health, boosted garden aesthetics, and additional shade.

Want to know more? Here are the top reasons to hire us:

  • Emergency Certified Arborists 
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Fully Equipped for Any Job Scope
  • Reliable & Prompt Service
  • Clean Up & Haul-Away Included

Get in touch with us today for a complimentary on-site consultation and a tree evaluation.

About EarthWorks

Since 1979, EarthWorks has provided premier, full-service landscape management services for multi-family and commercial properties. By consistently delivering superior quality and service, EarthWorks has become one of Texas's most respected commercial landscaping firms.

We have expertise in landscape design and installation, including seasonal color, sodding, irrigation, drainage, ornamental, shrub, and tree installation. We also have expertise with retaining walls, walkways, outdoor kitchens, and other hardscapes.

Locations We Serve

While we are based in Alvarado, TX, we serve areas beyond our headquarters, such as;

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EarthWorks calls the Dallas-Fort Worth area home and has been serving the surround region since the late 1970s. Since that time, we have been expanding our service areas to beautify and improve the health of even more Texas properties. Give us a call or email us to learn more about what we offer and how we can meet your company’s landscaping needs.

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