Let’s get ’em. Valley Creek Hits Back Against Yucca Plant Bugs and Preserves Their Xeriscaping

images of yucca plants at an apartment complex images of yucca plants at an apartment complex

Those pesky pests. Even the hardiest of plants can’t avoid them. In fact, even Yucca plants, which are known for being tough and drought-resistant, can get hit with them. There is even a bug so destructive to the plant it is even named after it. The Yucca Plant Bug lives by drinking and draining the plant’s juices and causing them to dry out. No amount of water is going to save the Yuccas. A more aggressive approach is needed.

The Valley Creek Apartment Community in Garland is a premier, quiet community close to great amenities and accented with well-maintained, picturesque grounds. Many areas of the property use a technique called Xeriscaping to reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation, keeping water usage and costs low, while maintaining beautiful grounds.

Since the leasing office is one of the first impressions for potential and current residents, it is not acceptable to have dry, disease-ridden landscaping.

Yucca, with their beautiful leaves and flowers, are a great variety of plant for Xeriscaping, and today line the leasing office and pool areas to create a low water, but aesthetically pleasing property. Sometimes, however, even the hardiest of plants get bugs.

yucca plant bugsThe property team noticed an issue with their Yuccas near the leasing office and called us in to look. There were definite signs of an infestation. It was also possible that if the bugs penetrated the Xeriscaping in those pool and office areas, that other plants will be soon affected as well.

Thankfully, due to early detection, our team was able to spring into action, diagnosing the problem and prescribing a fast acting solution. Starting with a limited pesticide spray regiment, each xeriscape area was treated and observed for changes in both appearance and infestation. The treatment quickly worked, and although plant recovery may be slow, the infestation was eradicated, and the plants began to recover.

The treatment not only removed the bugs, but prevented the plant’s death, keeping annual landscaping budgets in line while keeping the property beautiful.

Now, when visitors and residents visit the property’s huge swimming pool, sundeck, picnic areas, and playgrounds the view is of thriving plants, not a graveyard of dead ones.

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