Want A Healthy Landscape? Pick and Place Your Trees Properly


Beautiful landscaping for your apartment community, commercial shopping center, or office park isn’t just about your well-tended lawn. The trees you select can play a vital role in beautifying your property and even providing much-needed shade.

There are several considerations when choosing the right trees, and EarthWorks, experts in tree installation and maintenance, can help you find just the right varieties to complete your landscaping.

Think About Your Climate

shade treesShade trees, like a Lacebark Elm or a Shumard Red Oak, can be a great addition to a multi-family property or encourage visitors to stay outdoors for a while. If your business has places outside for employees to eat lunch or enjoy their breaks, planting some shade trees can make it more comfortable for them and increase their enjoyment of the outdoor place.

Or, for year-round greenery, opt for evergreen trees. EarthWorks can plant stunning Japanese Black Pines or a cluster of eye-catching Yaupon Holly trees on your property. If you have the space, a Southern Live Oak may be an option, too. All of these trees thrive in our temperate climate.

Look To the Future of a Tree’s Growth When Placing It

New trees may look gangly and delicate now, but in several years, are they going to be too large for the area you planted them? Consider how close to your plumbing and gas lines your trees’ root systems will be once the trees mature.

Determining the placement of your trees also includes the purpose of the plants. Do you want to offer more shade on your lawn for apartment residents? Placing a couple of larger trees in a more open area may meet those needs. Or maybe you want smaller trees to boost your curb appeal or to cover some unsightly exterior paint – ask the EarthWorks team about what kind of little trees or large shrubs will add beauty to your building without compromising the structure’s integrity.

Look For Trees That Do “Double Duty”

trees with flowersSome trees have beautiful flowers in the springtime, which adds interest to your space, as well as low water use – these are practical plants that do double duty of livening up your landscape while saving money. Or, perhaps you want to cool your building more – choosing large shade trees that can cast a shadow over part of your building in the afternoon can make the inside cooler and more comfortable on a hot summer’s day.

Several flowering trees provide shade and beauty. One of our favorites is the Sweetbay Southern Magnolia, which has beautiful, aromatic flowers and adds ornamental grace to any commercial landscape design.

Your Expert Commerical Landscape Company

When you want to add beautiful and purposeful trees to your corporate landscape, partner with a trusted expert like EarthWorks. Our mission is to beautify the exteriors of companies throughout the city, combining functional landscaping with a lovely design. Contact us today for an estimate for your new tree installation!


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