Water Conservation and the Tiered System

water cover11Is your property’s water bill increasing despite your water saving initiatives? North Texas has a finite supply of water, and the greatest impact to this supply is a rapidly growing population. Some experts believe the growth North Texas is on pace to outstrip the area’s water supply by 2040. When it comes down to whether plants or people get water, it’s obviously going to be people. But we don’t need to wait until the situation is desperate to take action. By implementing water conservation strategies now, we can improve our area’s situation and positively impact North Texas’s water supply for years to come.

The Tiered Water System

You likely remember the old water restrictions, when residents were limited to watering on certain days of the week. Some cities, like Arlington, still have set days for watering. And while they may seem to help, water boards have found that the restrictions provide fractional savings that really don’t impact overall conservation efforts. What really controls consumption is pricing. This is why water rates are increasing dramatically each year, and why water districts are transitioning to a tiered water system. Based on your zoning – residential or commercial – and acreage, you’re placed in a pricing tier. Your cost per thousand gallons will go up or down depending on how much water your property uses. As time goes on, these tiers, and their pricing, will become more stringent as resources become more scarce. Unfortunately, many businesses operate on a budget that doesn’t take into effect the tiered system or the pricing increase from year to year. The best way to take it into account is to lower consumption.

Lowering Consumption

You’ve probably spent the past few years focusing on conservation tactics like LEED certification and low-flow toilets and faucets. But outside consumption is what makes up the bulk of a business’s water bill. By making adjustments now you’ll be in a position to make the process more feasible than if you wait until water pricing is beyond the breaking point. Here are two ways we can help your property conserve significant amounts of water. Smart Irrigation Technology Installing smart irrigation controls can help reduce outdoor water consumption and improve your plant and soil health with better watering techniques. Properties who make the switch report an average of 30% reduction of outdoor water consumption. . The savings are significant enough that most properties recoup the installation investment almost immediately. Xeriscaping Originally used in desert states, Xeriscaping is becoming increasingly popular in urban areas that need to conserve water. This landscaping technique involves using hearty, drought-resistant plants that require little to no irrigation. It can also include rock beds, retaining walls, and drainage control features. This is an excellent way to decrease water consumption while maintaining design integrity.

Start Saving Today

Don’t let rising water prices take you by surprise! Make incremental changes to your irrigation and landscaping techniques so you will be better prepared for potential price hikes. Let’s all work together to conserve our precious natural resources in North Texas. Contact us today to discuss the best water conservation strategies for your property.


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