We Love Our Vendors. You Will Too!

we love our vendors. you will too!

Peanut butter & jelly, cookies and milk, wine and cheese…. Some things are a perfect pairing!

That’s how we feel about our vendors. We’re proud of the quality services we provide for our clients across the DFW and Houston metros, and we couldn’t do it without the support of our vendors.

At Earthworks, we strive to be as local as possible in our product and service partnerships. Rather than supporting a single supplier, we’ve built relationships with multiple companies. This enables us to provide competitive pricing and truly local supplies to our clients, no matter where they’re located in the metro.

Here are some of the companies who are helping us keep your landscape beautiful and healthy.

Nursery & Landscape Supply

McHutchinson Ornamental is a national supplier who provides all our seasonal color starts, known as flower plugs. These ½ inch starters come to us ready to grow, and they spend several weeks maturing in our greenhouse until they are ready for installation.

We also rely on several companies to supply our nursery and landscape needs including ornamental plants, cobblestone and gravel, geotextile fabrics, drainage pipes, and irrigation parts.

Irrigation & Edging

We work with several locally based companies to ensure our clients have proper drainage pipes and irrigation supplies as well as locally sourced metal edging.

Greenhouse Supply, Fertilization & Pest Control

  • Simplot is a trusted partner for all our turf management & horticulture needs. They provide all our fertilizers, pest control, and turf management supplies.
  • KBW Supply provides all our peat moss, soil media, pots, trays, fertilizers and other items needed for our greenhouse structures.

Equipment & Transportation

Managing a landscaping business is about more than growing plants. We work with several companies to ensure our teams have the best possible transportation trucks as well as high quality landscaping power equipment.

The next time you see our teams working, remember that there are a number of suppliers who work with us to help make your landscape look its best. We’re proud to partner with local companies. Together, we’re keeping Texas beautiful!

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