How To Protect Plant from Heat Stress

The daytime highs, combined with hot summer nights, can cause irreversible damage to your plants. Know here how to prevent plant from heat stress.

1. Leaf wilt

Signs of Plant Heat Stress

2. Leaf burn

4. Plants that stop flowering

3. Overly dry soil

1. Avoid watering in evenings

Preventative Strategies of Plant Heat Stress

2. Used heartier plants that can withstand extreme temperatures

3. Good layer of mulch in roots will help to cool plants.

If preventives strategy is not working, there are steps to help plants recover

1. Move your plant pot in area with some shade.

2. Deep water plants first thing in the morning

3. Do not fertilize during times of heat stress

With Proper Prevention and strategies you can minimize losses and help plants recover from Heat Stress

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