Winter Watering Basics

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Winter is coming… and that means it’s time to prepare for winter watering.  Unlike northern states, Texas does not get cold enough to require winter weatherization practices such as shutting down irrigation systems. Our winter temperatures and soil structure mean your property needs water even in colder months. Follow these tips to keep your landscape property watered and healthy this winter

Use a Rain/Freeze Sensor

This simple plastic device is a key component of winter water conservation. It is also required by law to be used on commercial properties in Texas.

Rain/freeze sensors are designed to shut off your property’s irrigation system in the event of freezing temperatures and / or rain. While they aren’t your primary safety device in the event of a big freeze, they are a key component of your landscaping monitoring system.

Keep Moisture Levels Consistent

Clay soil requires consistent moisture. Without water, soil will shift, and this an affect the structural integrity of your buildings and landscaping foundation. Moisture will also help to insulate plant roots. If you stop watering altogether, you risk creating air pockets in the soil that can cause ground temperatures to plummet and endanger plants.

Each property has unique requirement, but we do recommend watering at least once a week.  Your Earthworks representative will work with you to provide a customized schedule for your property and current weather conditions.

Turn Water Off During a Definitive Freeze

While we generally do not recommend turning off your irrigation system, there is one exception: extreme weather events. In the event of a large storm or a definitive freeze, it’s best to shut your water off at the source. This will protect your pipes from bursting and will better protect plants until the temperatures rise again.

Winter watering doesn’t have to be confusing. With the right information and simple proactive practices, you can keep your soil happy and healthy all winter long.


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