You Can’t Hurry Love: True About Life, and Our Growing Process

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Phil Collins said it best; you can’t hurry love. This is how we feel about our procedure for gathering our plants and flowers at EarthWorks. In the Dallas-Fort Worth region, we have more than a dozen greenhouses that supply us with a profusion of lovely flowers all year. 

We don’t artificially speed up the blooming process like many nurseries, and retail behemoths do. Instead, we maximize growth through thoroughly researched strategies, giving our clients a better-finished product. Since we are one of the few commercial landscapers in Texas with greenhouses, we can provide our client’s properties with the highest caliber plants and flowers any time of the year.

Mother Nature is the True Solution

The goal of a traditional greenhouse that sells to the general public, such as nurseries and retail powerhouses like Home Depot and Lowe’s, is to grow flowers with the lowest possible production cost and the most marketable product. To do this, they fertilize their flowers and plants, which results in top growth and color.

While consumers may find this appealing, the quality and longevity of the plants and flowers is drastically reduced. Because root development has not been considered, the plant’s or flower’s lifespan will be shortened. Additionally, many nurseries cultivate their plants not necessarily for when the flowers are in bloom but for the time they anticipate that people will want to buy them.

Favorable Benefits of Access to EarthWorks Greenhouses

Our main goal is to keep the commercial properties we manage aesthetically landscaped all year round. This necessitates having access to plants and flowers that will endure an entire season in full bloom. Our greenhouses give plants the boost they need to produce more beautiful blooms.

Most of our plants and flowers not only flourish but can stay in full bloom for 20 weeks or longer. This is because we emphasize the proper development of the plant’s roots.

With a thorough fertilization routine and the addition of an ample supply of micronutrients like magnesium, sulfur, lithium, boron, zinc, copper, and phosphorus, we lavishly treat our plants like royalty. Additionally, we incorporate sea kelp into our fertilizer to assist the roots in becoming “bulletproof” and adaptive to the changing climate.

Thanks to our unique blend of nutrients, we can produce blooms that:

  • Are resistant to most diseases
  • Possess stronger cell walls
  • Have improved root growth
  • Have enhanced photosynthesis

Creating Breathtaking Gardenscapes

We understand what our clients want – Thriving gardens that keep your beautiful landscape looking pristine all the time. The most attractive flowers will keep their blooms for 20 weeks and more. We use the right nutrients that ensure your flowers reach their full potential.

Our professional landscaping team grows and handpicks the best plants that thrive for a long time. We also attend major plant shows to look for flowers that bloom for prolonged periods. With plants specially selected to have the longest blooms for each season, it’s possible to add year-round or seasonal interest to your beautiful landscape. We seek to provide the best when it comes to color, longevity, and price.

Extend Your Growing Season

Another notable advantage of our greenhouses is the ability to grow an oversupply beyond the season. Part of this success is also based on getting plant material in the ground at the appropriate time of the season. Too early or too late could cause setbacks. With a longer growing season, we can control costs better and reabsorb the expenses into our product. You can still access healthier, better-looking plants even during the harsh winter cold or intense summer heat. More importantly, oversupply is critical as not all planted flowers will grow. Having some plants to fill in for the underperforming varieties results in more vibrant blooms past the current growing season. 

Got any Questions? We Can Help!

If you’re looking for ways to maintain beautiful, hardy landscapes and boost the longevity of your garden, we can help. Feel free to get in touch with us and learn more.


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